6 Reasons Why Outsourcing Facilities Services Is Exactly What You Need

Managers may struggle with the decision to continue operating facilities management services in-house or to outsource. For some companies, the decision to outsource can present unique challenges, such as cutting facilities management positions. However, outsourcing facility services can have significant benefits, and the rationale for outsourcing is growing stronger. If your facility is contemplating outsourcing facilities services, consider these reasons why it may be exactly what you need.

1. Outsourcing Facilities Services Increases Responsiveness

Part of the problem with traditional facilities management is a lack of responsiveness. Maintenance issues are placed on the back burner, and deferred maintenance becomes the new standard. Also, facilities management team members may be incapable of responding to maintenance issues immediately, unless that situation is considered an emergency. However, outsourcing facility services increase responsiveness and timely service.

2. Working With a Third-Party for Facilities Maintenance Services Is Cost-Effective

Facilities management services are also cost-effective when outsourced. Third-party vendors have the expertise, skills, and resources necessary to drive traditional management services costs down. As a result, companies pay less for outsourced services than the costs of operating an in-house facilities maintenance team.

3. Less Work for Internal Staff Saves Time and Money

Less work for internal staff saves time and money for your company.

An outsourced facility maintenance company partners with you to take the lead in achieving the goal of reducing costs while increasing efficiency by applying facilities management best practices in your operations. This professional support then allows your team to focus on more value adding disciplines such as customer service or improving products or service that allow the company to increase market share.

4. Outsourcing Decreases Risk

Another value of partnering with an outsourced facilities maintenance company is to decrease risk. Decreasing risk isn't isolated to only preventing injury but also includes decreasing risk from fire or other catastrophes which may follow major repairs to your systems. Since the burden of decreasing risk lies on your outsourced facilities services provider, they have a vested interest in ensuring all maintenance service calls and repairs are made according to regulations. 

5. Lower Liability and Insurance Costs Ensure Stakeholder Support

Outsourcing facilities services can also help to lower liability and insurance costs. Your managers and team have less risk of injury as the outside company handles all appropriate maintenance needs.

For example, facility managers can worry less about getting on a ladder to fix minor problems, and more about how to serve customers’ needs better.

While your manager may be able to handle some minor repairs, it increases the risk to your business, and a minor accident could result in an increase in your insurance premiums and a lasting impact on your company’s image and brand.

6. It Promotes a Safe, Enjoyable Work Environment

A safe work environment for both managers and team members also contributes to a better reputation for your brand. Since employees do not have to worry about maintenance and repair needs, overall turnover rates decrease, and customer satisfaction increases.

Add Value to Your Brand Through Outsourcing Facilities Services.

Each of these reasons has an overarching benefit of adding value to your brand. Rather than opening your business to risk and lost opportunities for savings, facilities managers should consider outsourcing facility services to an accredited, well-known facilities management services provider. In fact, eliminating the hassle of internal management of facilities operations can simplify your entire workflow.

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