The Value of a Nationwide Facilities Management Network to Procure Facilities & Construction Field Service Partners

Take a moment to think about what goes into preparing facilities and construction field service partners. You need to vet potential vendors, review their qualifications, design service level agreements, revise service level agreements, schedule working hours or work orders, review the minimum requirements of each service level agreements, and much more. Applying this example to a nationwide company footprint is even more complicated. However, a nationwide facilities management network, such as QSI Facilities, can be used to provide unmatched support and guidance in procuring facilities and construction field service partners for several reasons.

The Hidden Risk of Procuring Facilities and Construction Field Service Partners

Maintaining the integrity of your business is everything, and a last-minute decision to hire a local field service partner could lead to higher costs, delays, and additional headache for Facilities Managers. Furthermore, what guarantees the quality of work performed? If it is a local company, the guarantee is simply the word of the field service technician, and business owners have little recourse beyond litigation. However, Facilities Managers can avoid these risks entirely by working with a nationwide field service partner.

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Using a Nationwide Facilities Management Network Simplifies the Process

What does a nationwide facilities management network really provide? To answer that question, let’s consider how QSI Facilities worked with McDonald’s to simplify a nationwide rollout of outsourced facilities management activities. QSI Facilities met with McDonald’s management, reviewed the needs of each facility, and began the process of migrating McDonald’s service level agreements to the QSI Facilities network. In other words, McDonald’s no longer had to worry about regional variances in quality and craftsmanship of work, could take advantage of simplified payment processing, and was able to ensure the use of facility field service vendors who adhered to overarching standards. It was a turnkey solution for McDonald’s, but Facilities Managers may still be suspicious of the benefits of a nationwide facilities management network.

Why Else Do Companies Opt for Nationwide Facilities Management Networks?

The true value of working with a nationwide facilities management network derives from five key benefits, which include the following:

  1. Let your praise or issues be heard by providing real-time feedback before, during, and after a service call or interaction with facility field service vendors.
  2. Dedicated account management reduces risk by placing the burden of faxing, payment processing, and all activities with a third-party, like QSI Facilities.
  3. Nationwide companies protect their assets, including partnering businesses, so a nationwide field service vendor provider has a vested interest in ensuring the quality and timeliness of all partnering vendors.
  4. It streamlines follow-through and payment processing, regardless of existing limitations through third-party contracts and service level agreements.
  5. Documentation is easier to handle.

Use a Nationwide Facilities Management Network for Your Next Project, Remodel, or New Construction

Although facility field service vendors are often associated with the ongoing work maintenance needs of a business, a nationwide facilities management network can be used at any time, including securing commercial real estate, remodeling, new construction, and ongoing maintenance. Unlock the value of your next project by partnering with a nationwide facilities management network provider today, and contact QSI Facilities at 1-888-328-2454 or visiting us online now.

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