Facilities Water Feature Tips to Maintain Safety Thru Winter

Designing the perfect layout for your facility’s property is a big undertaking, which requires precise planning and special considerations. One key part of many businesses, from medical centers to hotels to luxury resorts, is the facilities water feature. According to Facility Executive, “Many of these features are ideal for corporate, healthcare, educational, and commercial properties, and are desired by property owners and facility managers as a way to beautify an environment and attract tenants seeking to hire top talent.” There are a few benefits to be gained from having water features incorporated into the public areas, but they require special care and maintenance to keep them in good working order. So let’s look closer at a few facility management tips for water features specifically.

Conduct Regular Maintenance and Repairs of Facility Water Features

Most building owners and facility managers know the importance of regular maintenance when it comes to facility water feature operations.  Regular maintenance and system checks will help expose problems and issues before they become major problems. Small fixes and repairs are faster and more affordable than full system repairs, which could occur if small problems go unnoticed. The property manager is responsible for ensuring all features operate properly and look great for visitors, day in and day out. And your schedule should be easily read and shared throughout your enterprise.

Proper Material Choices Make a Big Difference

For the designing and construction of fountains, or any other facilities water features for the modern building, material choice is of the highest importance. It’s vital to save money and make smart choices financially in regard to the design, installation, and maintenance of water features. However, cutting corners usually comes back to haunt facility managers at professional organizations down the road. Choosing the right, winter-ready materials from the start can help ensure any water feature is durable, functional, sustainable, and repairable. Investing in proper materials will make the process of keeping facilities water features ready much easier come winter. 

Sustainable Systems Require Less Work and Have a Lower Cost

Sustainability has become a major focus for businesses of all sizes. This concept can impact facility management decisions on everything from the lightbulbs used, to what paint is selected for renovations, to how facilities water features are maintained. A well-maintained water feature can attract high-quality tenants and provide impressive ROI for both the short-term and long-term. Sustainable facilities water features will hold up better to wear and tear and are by nature designed for easier maintenance and repairs. Of course, that may involve checking water chemical balance more frequently. Fortunately, they also can be easily prepped for winterizing, so they are in good working order when the weather turns warm again.

Get Facilities Water Features Ready With Expert Advice

Property owners and managers who carefully plan and invest in quality facilities water features have the benefit of making their facility more appealing to guests. The look and feel of a piece of property is key to making customers and guests feel welcomed and comfortable. Water features can help create a competitive edge for their property and bring positive benefits for those who live or work in the building areas. 

Choose the Right Facilities Management Water Feature Servicer to Thrive

There is a great deal of work and thought going into maintaining water features and getting them ready for the changing seasons. Working with the experts is the best way to ensure everything stays in good working order. Start by applying the above tips today. And don’t forget to request a consultation with Cushman & Wakefield’s Facilities services, via Sales Inquiries, to get started. 


J Glasglow, MCR

J Glasglow, MCR

As Senior Vice President of Solutions Development for Cushman & Wakefield Global Occupier Services, J Glasgow partners with corporate occupiers of real estate to develop integrated real estate, facility, project and operational management programs designed to improve processes, manage risk while significantly reducing total cost of occupancy. J’s background includes more than 20 years of experience in diverse commercial and corporate real estate disciplines such as, account leadership, and management, facility and operational planning, project management and strategic portfolio optimization. J has advised global clients from a broad range of market sectors encompassing financial, insurance, healthcare, bio-science, engineering, and consumer goods companies that encompass, office, industrial and manufacturing portfolios. With a diverse background in corporate real estate planning, facility management and project management, J has leveraged savings for his clients of over $313 million dollars while aligning with their overall business strategy and mission.