Facilities Snow Removal: Tips for Success

Business owners, property managers, and exterior maintenance teams in northern states have a lot to contend with during the winter months. And one of the most critical concerns is facilities snow removal. Routine removal and cleanup of accumulated snow and regular de-icing of essential areas on the property are crucial to facility management and customer service. Due to the unusual weather seen in recent years, teams need to know what to expect this winter and a few tips for success.

Weather Trends Make 2020 Winter a Concern for Property Managers

Everything about 2020 has been a bit odd, including the weather. According to NOAA, “timely and accurate seasonal outlooks and short-term forecasts result from improved satellite observations, more detailed computer forecast modeling, and expanding supercomputing capacity. From expansive and multi-hazard winter storms to narrow but intense lake effect snow, NOAA will provide the necessary information to keep communities safe." Facilities snow remediation will be more critical than ever and represents something property managers must plan for well before the first flurries begin to fall.

Facilities Snow Removal Is Key to Safe Grounds Operation and Maintenance

The dominating reason for property management is to keep occupants safe inside and outside of your building. That’s what facility services do by definition. Keeping parking areas clear and snow-free, ensuring walkways and entrees are safe, and keeping ice at bay are critical aspects of facility management and operations. Keeping snow and ice from accumulating on the property with snow removal can help protect buildings and surfaces, such as parking lots and walkways, from damage. Ice and snow can get very heavy, causing cracks in asphalt and making paving stones shift and become loose. As a result, facilities snow removal needs to be at the top of facility managers’ to-do lists for winter preparations, especially in the current year.

Tips to Prepare for Snow Removal

Facilities snow removal can help owners and managers keep the grounds safe, which becomes vital to keep everyone safe and protect the business against lawsuits for injuries caused by negligence. Having a reliable facilities snow removal partner to help you during the winter months can give you peace of mind. The preparation and work going into snow removal preparation and execution will more than pay for itself by protecting everyone. It’s what keeps you from paying costly repair bills or medical bills for injuries sustained on the property. To that end, here are the go-to tips for success:

  1. Have more than one snow removal partner in mind. 
  2. Consider whether steel or rubber plow blades would be best for your surfaces.
  3. Check snow blowers, if owned, before the first flurries and often through the season.
  4. Have a plan for where the snow will be placed to melt.
  5. Only use approved salts or chemicals to keep walkways and parking areas snow-free.
  6. Never assume snow won’t accumulate.
  7. Check-in with snow removal partners as soon as storms appear on the horizon.
  8. Vet all snow removal contractors thoroughly and in advance.
  9. Cover sensitive areas, such as recently repaved parking areas, protecting the surface while it continues to cure.
  10. Place proper signage for parking and walkways, and conduct training to ensure your facilities management team members know their snow removal responsibilities.

Schedule Snow Removal Services With the Right Partner

It may feel too late to plan for facilities snow removal this year. However, companies are available. The trick is learning to diversify your facilities’ field service vendor base and put a nationwide service provider’s expertise to work. To make the most of the facilities snow removal services in your area and get partnered with the finest provider, visit Cushman & Wakefield’s Facilities Solutions by clicking sales inquiries here now. 


J Glasglow, MCR

J Glasglow, MCR

As Senior Vice President of Solutions Development for Cushman & Wakefield Global Occupier Services, J Glasgow partners with corporate occupiers of real estate to develop integrated real estate, facility, project and operational management programs designed to improve processes, manage risk while significantly reducing total cost of occupancy. J’s background includes more than 20 years of experience in diverse commercial and corporate real estate disciplines such as, account leadership, and management, facility and operational planning, project management and strategic portfolio optimization. J has advised global clients from a broad range of market sectors encompassing financial, insurance, healthcare, bio-science, engineering, and consumer goods companies that encompass, office, industrial and manufacturing portfolios. With a diverse background in corporate real estate planning, facility management and project management, J has leveraged savings for his clients of over $313 million dollars while aligning with their overall business strategy and mission.