5 Crucial Areas of Facilities Preventative Maintenance to Master Using a CMMS

Facility managers have a duty to get a handle on all maintenance costs, and one of the most effective ways to gain control over maintenance and promote a preventative maintenance schedule lies in using a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). These systems are built as software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms that have wide scalability and adaptability to each facility’s needs, including these crucial areas of facilities preventative maintenance.

1. A CMMS Enables One-Stop Management of Facilities Preventative Maintenance Work Orders

The first way to achieve facility preventative management through a CMMS lies in its ability to be a one-stop source of all facilities management services, including preventative maintenance. Centralized storage of data and work orders allows facilities managers to review and support all maintenance costs and operations. Furthermore, the centralized location enhances visibility into facilities preventative maintenance costs.

2. Automatic Systems Improve Facility Compliance With Regulations

Automatic systems ensure compliance with local, state and federal regulations. Depending on your industry, adherence to regulations may require extensive documentation, and failure to recognize a problem could result in the assessment of monetary, civil or criminal fines and penalties. Using a CMMS, facilities managers can gain immediate visibility into often-overlooked areas, which is also a key benefit for multi-site facilities management.

3. It Lowers Overtime Costs Among Your Team Members

The automatic nature of the system reduces repetitive work, and since the system connects facilities managers with experienced, licensed technicians and maintenance professionals, it lowers overall costs within your internal facilities management team. In some cases, applying the system may be able to reduce, if not eliminate, entire cost centers within your facilities management operation too.

4. Better Data Integrity Reduces Reactive Maintenance

Better data integrity and use of a CMMS reduce the amount of reactive maintenance as well. The system uses the latest technology algorithms and advanced analytics to create and fine tune your facilities preventative maintenance schedule. Moreover, critical changes in the operation of Internet-connected sensors and systems can adjust preventative maintenance schedules before dispatching technicians or generating work orders. Consequently, scheduled maintenance stops issues before they develop into serious problems.

5. Tracking of Equipment and Vendor Information Reduces Costs

Computerized systems can track equipment-specific and vendor-specific information. This ensures the use and application of warranty coverage for equipment and systems in your company. In other words, using the system helps to prevent lost opportunities for cost savings by taking advantage of guarantees offered by manufacturers and vendors.

CMMS Brings Strategic Value to Facilities Preventative Maintenance

Deploying a CMMS brings strategic value to facilities preventative maintenance by proactively managing and maintaining all maintenance & operations. Instead of an immense file cabinet with endless, incomplete reports, a CMMS automatically documents, tracks and analyzes maintenance concerns and service call requests, which builds brand value through the gradual transition to a proactive, preventative maintenance program.

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