Better Work Order Quote Processing Streamlines Facilities Management to Boost Productivity

A standardized work order management is a type of software that is essential to modern facilities management. Also known as a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), a work order management system defines the procedures necessary to address maintenance and facilities management needs within a facility, explains Danny Wong via Salesforce.

Poor Work Order Quote Processing Is a Major Hurdle and Cost

Word order management includes recognizing a problem, reporting the problem to the correct person, addressing the problem, verifying its completion to specification and completing payment for work performed. The latter two are nonexistent when facility needs can be met in-house, but when working with contractors and technicians, those final needs become paramount. According to the Federal Facilities Council, the lowest lifecycle cost for a given asset depends on the value of work performed and its frequency.

Unfortunately, handling all processes in-house may simply not be possible, but outsourcing the process can tap into the value of myriad contractors and field service vendors while ensuring the lowest lifecycle cost possible. More importantly, letting an expert in a given area, like HVAC repair, make repairs has a lower risk than letting John Smith from maintenance figure out how to rewire a control panel. Essentially, conducting all maintenance needs in-house is not cost-effective, and the same applies to managing work order quote processing. If the company does contract labor out to a third-party, the risk is still present unless the field service vendor has been properly vetted.

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Improved Work Order Management Is Key to Preventative Maintenance

Improving the work order management process is key to reducing total cost of ownership for facility assets, but it has additional benefits for companies implementing a preventative maintenance program. As explained by Service Channel, the right work order management software reinforces preventative maintenance by helping facilities managers:

  • Finding the right contractor.
  • Managing services.
  • Payment processing.
  • Analyzing data to ensure quality and timeliness of work.

Outsourcing the work order quote processing eliminates the incidence of human error and effectively moves the burden of managing field service vendors to companies capable of guaranteeing return on investment at a higher pace than handling it in-house.

How Does Work Order Management Translate Into Savings

Work order management can go one of two ways—resulting in added expenses or getting the job finished at the best possible rate. Implementing a quality CMMS is the only solution that can reduce risk and increase control over maintenance spend. Some of the top ways work order management saves money in a maintenance and facilities management program, asserts Nexgen, include:

  • Fast conversion of service requests.
  • Immediate allocation of assets and labors.
  • Notification to field service technicians.
  • Real-Time status updates.
  • Mobile and remote access to work order details.
  • Web-based work order requests.
  • Customizable features and templates.
  • Generation of work-specific instructions.
  • Efficient management of resources.
  • Tracking of historical work orders.
  • Accurate report generation to track asset performance.
  • Links work orders to billing information.

Upgrade Your CMMS and Work Order Management Processes Now

The best-laid plans for improving maintenance and facilities management depend on reporting capabilities and work order quote processing. Miscommunications or delays in handling service requests can destroy guest experiences, and this problem exists in the CRE market, retail, restaurants, fast-casual food chains and cold-storage facilities. The end-user, “the customer,” needs to know the facilities are in the best possible condition and potential risks are reduced without delay. Since great pressure continues to drive facilities management toward the digital age, the natural step will be implementing a better, data-based and automated CMMS. Find out how your organization can leverage the power of an advanced, integrated CMMS by visiting QSI Facilities online or calling 1-888-328-2454 today.

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