What Companies Are Doing to Plan for On-Demand Facilities Management in 2019

On-demand facilities management refer to events that occur without prior knowledge and do not necessarily meet the criteria for a declared emergency. In other words, events happen that need immediate action, such as busted pipes in the middle of winter. Failure to address these problems at once can cost thousands in lost revenue and continuing problems for your business. Fortunately, on-demand facilities management services can help remedy the problem when unforeseen issues arise in your business. In fact, consider these top trends in on-demand facilities management to expect in 2019.

1.      Facilities Managers Will Turn to Data for On-Demand Facilities Management Insights

The coming year will present Facilities Managers with more opportunities to use data to reduce the incidence of on-demand maintenance. On-demand maintenance is the result of unexpected failure or problems in a facility, but the increased use of the IoT and analytics could effectively reduce the amount of on-demand maintenance. Thus, the use of data will increase throughout 2019.

Applications of data will lead to real-time identification of problems, automated work order creation, management, and tracking of field service vendors via an interactive voice response system (IVR) and even scheduling of services.

2.      On-Demand Programs Will Merge With Scheduled, Preventive Services

Since data will drive on-demand planning, it is likely that on-demand programs will merge with scheduled, preventive services. In other words, preventive and scheduled maintenance will drive the amount of on-demand work into retreat, but technicians may streamline work by completing scheduled, preventive maintenance at the same time as addressing on-demand needs.

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3.      Around-the-Clock Care Will Be Essential to Working With Outsourced Service Providers

Around-the-clock customer service and care for Facilities will be the top priority for those looking to outsource services. Companies in the service space have gotten a bad reputation for the use of computerized systems that may or may not get a work order in the system properly. Instead, businesses will look for companies that have a live operator on the other line, just like QSI Facilities, for on-demand needs.

4.      On-Demand Services Will Need to Prove ROI Fast

Facilities Managers will also expect to see faster time to ROI for contracted on-demand service providers. This will need more companies to sign up for on-demand services through third parties and include the use of data-tracking tools for managing expenses and labor costs. Since outsourcing effectively cuts this concern, time to ROI will shrink for contracted services, lowering TCO and building brand value along the way.

Follow These Trends in On-Demand Facilities Management for Success in 2019

On-demand facilities management strategy must not be an afterthought. Facilities Managers should know the trends affecting on-demand facilities management planning and make informed decisions. Chances are good that 2019 will spur more on-demand maintenance, especially in facilities with an extensive list of deferred maintenance. Fortunately, a solution exists—outsourcing. Learn more about the value of outsourcing on-demand facilities management by visiting QSI Facilities online or by calling 1-888-328-2454 today.

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