Value Engineering Custom HVAC Solutions for National Facilities

10-9-16 QSI Facilities 0495-134623-edited.jpgMost facilities in the United States are equipped with HVAC units, which should be serviced at least once a year. 

On one hot summer day, a large telecommunication company called QSI Facilities inquiring about a national HVAC installation and rollout for more than a dozen store fronts. This install would be a huge investment for the company, amounting to more than a hundred thousand dollars. In addition to the new units, the company would need to invest in curb adaptors for each of their units to fit for each specific location. 

What is a curb adaptor?  

A curb adaptor is the custom piece made to fit between a curb and a RTU (Roof Top Unit) HVAC piece to allow airflow between the building and the HVAC unit. Furthermore, a curb is defined as an opening, usually in the roof, that separates the building materials from the air ducts in the roof that will flow into the unit. This adaptor acts as a transition piece between the curb and the unit, like an electrical plug between the cord and outlet.

Knowing this information and wanting to develop the highest ROI for their cost, QSI Facilities sent our field service partners to survey the sites and recommend the best unit for each facility. They audited the units and made recommendations based upon the following major factors:

1) Make
2) Model
3) Age
4) Tonnage
5) Filters
6) Belts
7) Drain Lines
8) Fan
9) Compressor
10) Bearings

Upon review of the recommendations, we value engineered a custom cost savings of approximately 10% of the total cost of the national HVAC install by retrofitting the existing curb adaptor to a different unit.

QSI Facilities strives for cost savings by improving the performance of our team. This example of value engineering describes our ability and dedication to creating a cost-efficient solution to a common problem in the facilities management realm. Find out how we can help your company! 



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