What Is a Snow Response Plan & Why Facilities Managers Should Plan Now

A snow response plan is the first line of action in preventing disruption due to winter weather. It is not enough to merely close operations during winter weather, and in some areas, snowfall may occur with great regularity. Snow may accumulate quickly, and it could take days to melt completely. As a result, Facilities Managers need to start thinking about how their company will respond when the snow storm strikes. 

A Snow Response Plan Is a Seasonal Issue

As noted by Grounds Magazine, the gravest problem with existing snow response plans is a limited scope and failure to plan ahead. Snow totals may exceed estimates, so knowing when to active remediation activities is essential to minimizing disruptions. Moreover, the seasonal nature of snow response plans creates a false sense of security. Facilities Managers may assume they can wait until a storm arrives to think about a snow response plan. Unfortunately, this will fail to handle the risks accompanying snow storms adequately.

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Preplanning Avoids Delays

A snow response plan is just that—a plan. It is a set of instructions for how Facilities managers can maintain operations when inclement weather strikes during the winter. According to Snow Magazine Online, an effective snow response plan must:

  • Detail which subcontractors should be contacted to handle snow and ice removal.
  • Specify call-in criteria for requesting snow removal, plowing, or other winter maintenance.
  • Identify the threshold for removing snow via snowplows, salting, sand application, and more.
  • Include notifications for staff and customers regarding late opening times or other delays.
  • Consider facility-specific needs, like maintaining access to dining halls on college campuses.
  • Coordinate with public safety and utility departments.
  • Be written!

Why Now Is Key to Creating a Winning Plan

A winning snow response plan is thorough and considers all possible risks and issues that arise from winter weather. In addition to having a contractor scheduled in advance, creating a snow response plan before the storm arrives offers these key benefits:

  • It’s easier to vet contractors in the warmer months.
  • Snow removal contractors may be unavailable when a storm strikes.
  • Contractors can determine what type of equipment is best for your facility.
  • It provides an opportunity to reduce the risk of injury when snow falls.
  • It determines when and what actions are necessary to mitigate losses during a snowstorm.

Get Started on Your Snow Response Plan Now

A snow response plan is crucial to minimizing disruptions from winter weather-related events, including snow, ice, and sleet. Contact QSI Facilities online or by calling 1-888-328-2454 to start working on your plan before winter arrives.

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