Proactive Facility Management: 5 Reasons Why a Handyman Program Allows Facilities Managers to Stay Proactive

More Facilities Managers are turning to handyman programs to implement proactive facility management programs, and handyman programs have the added benefit of instantly delivering returns. Let us take a closer look at some of the other reasons why a handyman program allows Facilities Managers to stay proactive and focused on the goal of saving money, staying within budget, and ensuring maximum use of existing resources and assets.

1. A Handyman Program Uses a Checklist-Based Approach to Proactive Facility Management

Handyman programs use a checklist-based approach to proactive facility management, which includes a comprehensive review of all assets and systems in your facility. This facilities maintenance checklist enables the addition of prioritization of means, reducing the maintenance backlog while addressing new maintenance needs and completing schedules services on time. Proactive facility management requires an intuitive-based approach to facilities management, using data and real-world insights into asset performance to ensure maximum life expectancy of assets, the performance of assets, and return on investment. Through a checklist-based approach, Facilities Managers can validate the handyman program’s results and refine the overall business in facilities management strategy to ensure continued success

2. Seamless Implementation Reduces Workload for Facilities Managers

Facilities Managers may consider implementing a preventative maintenance program in-house, but it comes with great costs. They must thoroughly vet vendors, identify facility needs, and develop a facilities maintenance checklist, not to mention investment into new systems to track and maintain the program itself. An outsourced handyman program effectively reduces all these tasks to a single, turnkey solution. Seamless integration in the nationwide rollout of a handyman program ensures all facilities maintenance needs are met, and Facilities Managers can worry less about the quality of work received, turning their attention to other more important matters.

3. It Combines On-Demand With Preventative Maintenance

Combining on-demand maintenance with preventative maintenance as part of the maintenance schedule reduces the average cost per work order by reducing the costs to field service vendors. Furthermore, a handyman program ensures maintenance needs are met in a timely manner, so time delays between creating a work order and addressing the need do not impact the brand as much as they would if left unchecked.

4. It is Scalable and Increases Asset Visibility

Since handyman programs use a checklist and schedule to ensure optimum performance of facility assets, they increase asset visibility. Furthermore, the use of a handyman program ensures access to dozens, if not hundreds, of potential field service technicians, capable of addressing virtually any maintenance need at any time. Depending on the size of your organization, a handyman program, managed by a nationwide facilities management services company, such as QSI Facilities, ensures a scalable solution to growth in your enterprise. Business continuity, including continuity of facilities management practices, drives success and reduces costs in facilities management. As a result, Facilities Managers can stay proactive, ensuring all maintenance and facility needs are met before assets fail and problems arise.

5. A Handyman Program Lets Facilities Managers Focus on Customer Service

The greatest benefit of outsourcing maintenance needs with a handyman program falls back on the impact on customer service. Since Facilities Managers outsource maintenance and facility needs through a handyman program, they require less capital to maintain in-house facilities management professionals. This translates into better price points for consumers, more capital for reinvestment in the company or use in expanding employee wages or benefits, and an opportunity to reach more customers.

The use of an outsourced handyman program allows Facilities Managers to move away from a reaction-based role to an active participant in the customer-business relationship. In other words, customer service levels are increased, and Facilities Managers can work directly with consumers and other individuals in the business to create a better, attractive, and inviting atmosphere for consumers.

Use a Handyman Program to Gain Control Facilities Spend Now

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