Preventive Facility Services Will Simply Become Facility Services in 2019

The use of preventive facility services is expanding at a phenomenal rate. Preventive facility maintenance is associated with more than a 400-percent return on investment, and more companies have implementing preventive facility service programs than ever before. Throughout 2019, Facilities Managers should know the trends driving the adoption of preventive facility services and why they will replace all other approaches to effective facility management.

Mobile Technology in CMMS Will Continue to Streamline Preventive Facilities Management

Mobile technology in a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is one of the top factors influencing the adoption of preventive facility services. A mobile-based CMMS allows Facility Managers to access work order data and make informed decisions without the hassle of traditional, terminal-based systems.

Cloud-Based Applications Will Grow More Affordable and Accessible Through 2019

Cloud-based applications are furthering the use of preventive services too. While companies may leverage internal resources for preventive programs, outsourcing and leveraging mobile technology puts the power of limitless scalability and resources in their hands. Potential applications include vetting and selecting vendors, communicating with field service technicians and more.

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Preventive Maintenance Will Be Seen as the Solution to the Talent Shortage

As the talent shortage worsens, Facility Managers will face heightened pressure to meet the shortfall. Costs of traditional facility maintenance will soar as technicians age into retirement. Meanwhile, the lack of facility management professionals will make hiring and retention costs increase. Since the biggest costs in facility management derive from reactive maintenance, preventive programs will naturally take the lead.

Facility Managers Will Turn to Data to Realize Preventive Management Goals

Facility Managers will put data to use in more instances throughout the entire department. Data will continue to affect everyday decisions, as well as major purchases and repairs. The development of an asset management playbook will further streamline decision making and allow organizations to realize preventive maintenance and management goals. In addition, outsourcing the process to a third party, such as QSI Facilities, will effectively give Facility Managers the freedom to focus on customer service and experiences, not putting out relentless fires.

New Technology Will Allow for Faster Vendor Vetting, Reducing Delays and Increasing Value-Add of Preventive Services

As noted by Facility Executive, more technology in the field will translate into better vendor vetting. This will add new value to preventive services and reduce delays in meeting needs.

Collaboration Will Be Key to Creating and Optimizing Preventive Management

According to William Smith via FacilitiesNet, a final trend to expect in 2019 will be the continued use of preventive management through enhanced communication and collaboration. Collaboration ensures all parties are on the same page, and according to Bob Geiger via, companies will turn to better budgeting practices, including the development of contingency budget, to gain shareholder and top-down support throughout an organization.

Take Advantage of Preventive Facility Services Now

Business goals and facility management are coming into alignment, and while budget issues will likely continue throughout 2019, one thing is clear. Facilities Managers that place preventive maintenance at the forefront of their strategies will have an advantage in handling emergencies, on-demand maintenance, reactive maintenance spend and much more. Essentially, preventive facility services will simply become facility services, and these trends will empower the use of preventive services in all organizations. Learn more about how your organization can get ahead in the preventive facility services wave by visiting QSI Facilities online or calling 1-888-328-2454 today.

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