Why, When Tasked With Budget Reduction, You Shouldn't Cut the Preventative Handyman Program

Budget cuts are a standard part of business. They help companies fend off bankruptcy and enhance scalability, but budget cuts to the preventative handyman program do more harm than good. If your facility faces budget cuts to your preventative handyman program, here are a few ways to push back against members of the C-Suite or other executive level-managers in the interim.

The Preventative Handyman Program Does More Than Address Known Issues

Consolidating facilities maintenance needs remains a crucial benefit of the preventative handyman program. Since a person is already on-site to complete repairs, a preventative handyman program enables the completion of such repairs and attention to preventative maintenance issues, like changing filters or lightbulbs, at the same time. Completing more items in the same visit reduces the costs associated with each trip, and it enables the timely completion of facility maintenance work orders. As a result, overall facilities management spend decreases.

It Increases Visibility Into Facilities Assets and Equipment Condition

A preventative handyman program also enables the creation and use of a set checklist to assess equipment and asset condition and status on a recurring, frequent basis. Identifying problems earlier on reduces malfunctions and extends the life expectancy of the asset. Thus, preventative handyman programs efficiently reduce facilities management costs. The preventative maintenance checklist used by a handyman can also help minimize the risk to your business.

For example, inspecting wiring and other sensitive systems for failures that can contribute to an increased fire risk efficiently reduces overall uncertainty in the business. Thus, the company can enjoy more extended periods without filing an insurance claim and lower premiums. Plus, keeping internal staff on ladders and away from potentially harmful system, such as electric wires or the natural gas line, improves safety for team members and guests simultaneously.

It Reduces the Facilities Manager’s Workload

Using a handyman program also reduces the facility manager’s workload. Since the handyman is responsible for correcting known issues and completing preventative maintenance items, the facility manager can focus more on improving the customer experience do seeing overall operating expenses.

A Handyman Program Reduces Internal Hiring Costs for Maintenance Professionals

Outsourcing minor maintenance needs, as well as preventative maintenance, eliminates the costs associated with finding, hiring, training and paying internal staff members. This results in lower liability insurance costs for staff members and lower costs for employee benefits.

Reduce Facilities Spend by Keeping Your Preventative Handyman Program in Place

If you have been tasked with budget cuts, use data to keep C-Suite executives at bay. In fact, you can use this list of benefits from a preventative handyman program to help push back against budget cuts. If you are uncertain about the data points, let QSI Facilities do the talking for you.

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