Parking Lot Maintenance Services: How Do Dirty Parking Lots Affect Guest Experiences?

The impact of the parking lot on guest experiences is often underestimated. The parking lot is the first area customers touch upon arrival. Minor issues, like oil spills, gum, and dirt in general, will diminish the positive image of your company. Also, improper parking lot maintenance will increase the risk of potholes, cracks, and other issues that may result in a fall among guests. As a result, Facilities Managers are working to find ways to ensure a robust lineup of parking lot maintenance services to keep parking areas in tip-top shape.

Problem: Dirty Parking Lots Cost More Than Facilities Managers Realize

As explained by Guest Experience Design, the guest experience begins in the parking lot. Staff members managing the parking areas are the first interaction your company has with guests, and poor maintenance of the parking area will put the experience off to a bad start. If parking area staff members exist, customers expect to see smiling, welcoming faces, and even the best interactions cannot overcome the appearance of damaged parking lots.

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Parking Lot Maintenance Services Start Customer Journeys on the Right Foot

Outsourcing parking lot maintenance services eliminates the need to maintain parking lots with internal staff members. In the age of tightening budgets and continuous periods of deferred maintenance, the parking lot is almost always placed on the backburner. Outsourcing parking lot maintenance puts the burden of scheduling, labor allocation, supply purchasing, and inspection in the hands of third parties at a fraction of the cost of maintaining the parking area internally. 

Additional Benefits of Parking Lot Maintenance Services

Parking lot maintenance services are about much more than just clean parking areas. Some of the additional benefits of proper maintenance in the parking lot include:

  • Clean parking lots reduce hostility among guests. Clean, welcoming parking areas help to mitigate frustration during peak shopping or visiting times.
  • Create a culture of teamwork and common goals in managing parking lots. Clearly defined parking lot maintenance schedules eliminate uncertainty in planning maintenance activities and help build a culture of collaboration among parking lot staff members. In addition, parking attendants can focus on guest interactions, not cleaning parking areas regularly.
  • Parking lot maintenance services improve the functionality and safety of parking areas. Pressure washing parking lots helps to prevent damage to the parking lot, as well as increase the visibility of parking lines. As a result, parking lot occupancy increases, reducing frustration along the way. This has fundamental implications for reducing the risk of accidents between vehicles.

Take Advantage of Parking Lot Maintenance Services Now

Parking lot maintenance must not be overlooked. Failure to maintain the parking lot will result in poor first impressions and tarnish your brand’s value. Remember bad experiences can destroy a company’s reputation, but good experiences can have a nominal impact. As a result, it takes more positive experiences to build brand reputation than it takes negative experiences to tear it apart. Learn more about the benefits of parking lot maintenance services by contacting QSI Facilities online today.

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