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Commercial parking lots are one of the key areas that benefit from commercial pressure washing services. Although the parking lot is subject to ongoing damage and use, Facilities Managers must not overlook it for several reasons.

Keeping costs down is the hallmark of all good facilities management teams, and using predictive maintenance in facilities management can help achieve this goal. Unlike deferred maintenance, predictive maintenance in facilities management maximizes value by identifying opportunities, reducing risks, and proactively addressing maintenance concerns, explains Rebecca Kim of Buildings.com.

Smart irrigation systems are an excellent way to transform watering from a labor-intensive task to an automated, hassle-free activity. The results include cost savings and green, inviting landscapes, and Facilities Managers need to know why. 

Exterior maintenance represents one of the most overlooked areas of facilities management. Improved outdoors grounds maintenance can enhance curb appeal. Outsourcing these activities leads to fewer costs and less risk, and Facilities Managers need to understand why.

The right national exterior services provider can improve your facility’s curb appeal, attract new customers, and reduce facilities spend. Unfortunately, selecting the wrong provider can push your budget to its extreme and leave your facility feeling wronged. Instead of risking it all, Facilities Managers need to know a few things about selecting the right provider.

Predictive maintenance will revolutionize vendor relations and extend asset health in profound ways.

Commercial facility exterior maintenance represents a significant area of maintenance in modern facilities management. Unfortunately, the exterior is often overlooked in favor of indoors maintenance and management needs. Yet, the exterior is the first opportunity a company has to make an impression on guests. 

Managing maintenance schedules for your building interior is hard enough, but managing exterior maintenance needs can be a nightmare. The wrong plans will result in an unsightly, off-putting appearance and can actually damage your building. Fortunately, outsourced commercial exterior maintenance can help.

First impressions can transform a potential visitor into a customer, or they can turn the best prospects into life-long shoppers of your competitors. This highlights the importance of best-in-class appearances and superb commercial exterior maintenance. Fortunately, Facilities Managers that take the time to think about the value of commercial exterior maintenance can successfully attract more customers and enhance brand image through customer first impressions.

The use of data for better capital planning can net significant benefits to your organization in several, key ways.