How Outsourced Exterior Maintenance Saves Facilities Money Costs From Day 1

Exterior maintenance represents one of the most overlooked areas of facilities management. Improved outdoors grounds maintenance can enhance curb appeal. Outsourcing these activities leads to fewer costs and less risk, and Facilities Managers need to understand why.

Exterior Maintenance makes a considerable Impact on Attracting Customers

Although companies may spend big bucks on marketing resources to attract companies, the best-laid campaigns fail when facility quality is lacking. The outside of your building is the first thing customers see, and poor grounds maintenance will contribute to lost opportunities and deter customers. Moreover, poor maintenance of outdoor areas contributes to an increased risk of guest injuries, and even a well-kept landscape increases facilities spend.

Outsourced Services Leave the Work to Professionals

Outsourced exterior maintenance effectively shifts the risk away from a company to a third party. The costs of an in-house program include purchasing grounds equipment, maintenance of plants and landscaping, labor costs, and additional problems, like addressing temperature extremes for employees. Essentially, outdoor employees will likely need to take more breaks, resulting in lost productivity. Outsourcing maintenance of exterior facilities can lower these costs and free your employees to focus on indoor needs, like serving customers, cleaning facilities, managing maintenance needs and more.

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Benefits of Outsourced Exterior Maintenance

The benefits of outsourcing maintenance of outdoor areas are comparable to the perks of working with a third party to handle indoor maintenance, including creating a proactive maintenance program. Some of these benefits include:

  • Lowered employee wages – Outsourced services reduce the direct labor costs for managing outdoor facilities, including payments made for wages, employer-paid insurance, disability insurance, and even overtime. Since service providers have multiple employees, they can have multiple employees work at your facility for a set hourly cost, eliminating these overhead costs.
  • Fewer employee and equipment costs – This includes expenses focused on safety equipment and the equipment necessary to maintain the exterior. Even additional expenses, such as breakroom upkeep and cafeteria areas, are reduced when lowering the demand for employee amenities, reports Facility Service Partners.
  • Reliable, timely service – Service providers are available at any time, and a maintenance schedule eliminates the need to hire additional employees to handle sudden peaks in exterior maintenance needs, like snow remediation.
  • Labor optimization savings – This benefit is the result of diverting existing staff to internal needs, like general upkeep, monitoring of facilities, and preventative maintenance.
  • Immediate expansion of the workforce - The ability to immediately scale the workforce to handle exterior maintenance needs begins with initiation of outsourced services. Facilities Managers can focus on getting more accomplished without hiring additional workers. In addition, they can tap into new revenue streams with the correct balance of budget and prioritization of maintenance needs.

Leverage the Benefits of Outsourced Exterior Maintenance Now

A winning strategy with outsourced exterior maintenance can start saving money on day one, provided you understand how to prioritize your needs. QSI Facilities can help with problem identification, prioritization, and budgeting. Contact QSI online to get started.

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