Why Companies Are Turning to Outsourced Emergency Facility Services to Succeed in 2019

Emergency facility services are most commonly associated with natural and man-made disasters. Emergencies include hurricane response, disaster preparedness and recovery, and with the nature of emergencies, local resources may be unavailable to help after an event occurs. Therefore, more companies are turning to outsourced emergency facility services to tap into a greater network of field service vendors, project managers and emergency experts. Facilities Managers need to understand the top trends driving use of outsourced emergency facility services.

1.      Complexity of Emergency Management Will Increase

The complexity of emergency management will continue to increase throughout 2019. Although companies have made significant strides in the wake of hurricanes over the past two years, there is still much to learn. As a result, more companies will turn to outsourced emergency facility services to tap into the value of the latest experience and resources to streamline emergency management, explains GovTech.com.

2.      More Companies Want a Plan, Not Just Guidelines

The use of outsourced emergency facility services also supplies a definitive plan for Facility Managers, regardless of what type of emergency may arise. While many companies have developed broad guidelines for emergency management, the demand for a plan replaced the demand for rough guidelines. Outsourcing effectively puts the emergency planning in the hands of experts and their resources, saving time and money.

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3.      Decreased Talent Availability May Lead to Worsening of Problems

In emergencies, talent and staff may be unavailable to address problems. This is especially true for areas hit with severe emergencies, including wildfires and tropical storms. Outsourced emergency facility services will become a core part of the budget as companies look to be better prepared for 2019.

4.      Budget Constraints Will Make Inspections and Drills Items of Poor Priority

Inspections and drills take a backseat in facility management to maintenance. However, budgets are likely to grow stricter throughout 2019. Therefore, the use of outsourced services, which are typically less expensive than developing an in-house program and plan, will increase.

5.      Multi-Site Portfolios Will Present New Problems

The changing state of retail to include health care and joint services will present new problems for managing multi-site portfolios, notes PRSM. It will not be enough to manage retail; Facilities Managers will face challenges with infection control and more. Thus, outsourcing emergency services will be key to ensuring all needs can be met promptly.

6.      Vendor Vetting Will Increase in Complexity and Use of Technology as Advancements Continue

Vendors are also increasing in complexity. Their websites and reputations speak volumes, but Facilities Managers will have even less time to review them. Instead of trying to handle it in-house, outsourcing solves the problem.

7.      Specialized Systems Will Require IT-Trained Technicians, Not a Random Repairman

Emergencies are also changing how people respond during and after an event. Systems use modern technologies to track and reduce waste, and the days of repairing something after a disaster without IT knowledge are obsolescent. Thus, demand for trained, IT-savvy technicians will increase, spurring more outsourcing.

8.      Wireless Technology Will Help Streamline Emergency Management

Speaking of technology, wireless technology will continue to help Facility Managers find problems before, during and after an emergency. However, wireless technology is a stark investment, so outsourcing may be the best solution to keep costs under control.

Prepare for Emergencies Outside of Your Facility With Outsourced Emergency Facility Services

No one knows when an emergency will strike your area, and it could range from a severe storm to the lasting effects of wildfires. Instead of trying to handle everything in-house, more organizations will turn to outsourced emergency facility services in 2019. Find out how outsourced emergency facility services could benefit your business by contacting QSI Facilities at 1-888-328-2454 or completing the online contact form now.

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