The Benefits of Outsourced Commercial Exterior Maintenance for Your Facility

Managing maintenance schedules for your building interior is hard enough, but managing exterior maintenance needs can be a nightmare. The wrong plans will result in an unsightly, off-putting appearance and can actually damage your building. Fortunately, outsourced commercial exterior maintenance can help.

Inhouse Exterior Maintenance Is Troublesome

Exterior maintenance includes much more than a welcome mat. It is an all-inclusive list of possible needs affecting guests and passersby at any time. Lighting must function properly, and during periods of severe weather, including winter weather, exterior maintenance becomes a new monster.

Facilities Managers must know when to wash the exterior, how to remove debris after a snow or hail storm, how to maintain a fresh-painted appearance, and give customers a great view of the company. Unfortunately, this means Facilities Managers may need to double their workforce, but the exterior comes with some unique challenges, like temperature extremes affecting workers and the need for specialized equipment.

snow removal

Outsourcing Simplifies Commercial Exterior Maintenance

Outsourced commercial exterior maintenance can help Facilities Managers save big on an overlooked area of maintenance, reports FacilitiesNet. The ability to immediately scale the outdoor workforce to meet changes in demand, such as during periods of severe weather, like hurricane season, and depending on the provider, outsourcing puts all needs in the hands of a single entity. For example, QSI Facilities handles exterior maintenance and emergency services, helping to minimize disruptions.

How Outsourced Commercial Exterior Maintenance Benefits Your Organization

Outsourced commercial exterior maintenance offers many benefits for organizations of all sizes. Have you heard about eating with your eyes first? The same principle applies to commercial exterior maintenance. Customers see your building first, so it sets the tone for the entire experience. Even the best service indoors cannot make up for damaged, unsightly buildings. In fact, consider some of these leading benefits of outsourced commercial exterior maintenance.

  • Outsourced commercial exterior maintenance service providers offer lower prices due to economies of scale. Outside companies have more team members that specialize in specific maintenance needs, including exterior maintenance. Thus, they can offer the same services as your in-house team at lower rates.
  • Service providers have a more considerable buying power. This is true in terms of equipment and supplies, allowing them to offer a better deal on cleaning supplies and help your company avoid the expense of buying bulky equipment.
  • Third-party companies have the advanced tools and resources, including technologies, to streamline work order management, such as a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).
  • Facilities Managers can rest assured that grounds and exterior maintenance needs will be addressed as planned, and third-party contacts between the facility and the contractor increase collaboration and reduce bottlenecks in communication.

Do More With Less Via Outsourced Exterior Maintenance Now

Outsourced commercial exterior maintenance is a great way to do more with less in the modern age. Instead of trying to handle it all in-house, consider outsourcing exterior maintenance to an experienced partner, like QSI Facilities. Visit QSI Facilities online to learn more about how outsourced facilities management services, including both indoor and outdoor maintenance, can save your organization money. 

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