5 Overlooked Areas of Commercial Facility Exterior Maintenance to Know & Master

Commercial facility exterior maintenance represents a significant area of maintenance in modern facilities management. Unfortunately, the exterior is often overlooked in favor of indoors maintenance and management needs. Yet, the exterior is the first opportunity a company has to make an impression on guests. 

Problem: Overlooked Areas of Commercial Facility Exterior Maintenance Dramatically increase Costs

Major exterior maintenance needs, like severe grounds damage, are easy to identify and are addressed almost immediately. Unfortunately, several areas of exterior maintenance are overlooked by Facilities Managers, including:

  • General exterior maintenance needs, such as cracked sidewalks.
  • Roofing repairs, including poor maintenance of facility assets located on the roof, like solar panels and rooftop AC units.
  • Painting needs, including chipped, faded, or otherwise-damaged paint.
  • Landscaping problems focused on the foliage and accent boulders, as well as benches and tables, if applicable.
  • Dirty facility condition, reflecting dirty paint, sidewalks, and parking lots, which can be addressed through recurring, scheduled pressure washing.

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Solution: A Thorough Exterior Maintenance Program Is Key to proactive Maintenance

A robust exterior maintenance program is about more than just addressing broken items, and by understanding the oft-overlooked areas, you can divert resources to ensure all needs are met on time. An effective proactive maintenance program must also consider exterior maintenance needs, but the exterior needs are not always apparent to the untrained eye. This is due to the fact that the exterior is the first line of defense against potential risks to the interior of the facility.

Reward: How to Master These Overlooked Areas

Learning how to master the overlooked areas of exterior maintenance can ensure your facility has a top-notch program in place to handle all potential needs. Part of this lies in creating a quality facility condition assessment (FCA) and reviewing all facility needs on a frequent basis, including:

  • Look for potential safety issues, including areas that collect water or snow during bad weather or become slick in certain conditions.
  • Devote a percentage of the maintenance budget to exterior maintenance exclusively.
  • Check for potential outages in outdoor lamps and lighting systems, which helps to reduce crime.
  • Consider the full scope of outdoor maintenance needs from procurement to ongoing, preventive maintenance.
  • Conduct a quarterly inspection of the rooftop and all rooftop assets, explains
  • Have hidden systems, like the runoff drainage system, inspected regularly.
  • Don’t forget to check the foundation for noticeable cracks and potentials breaches in integrity.

Of course, one of the easiest ways the achieve a quality exterior maintenance program is to outsource exterior maintenance to a service provider, like QSI Facilities.

Stop Overlooking Exterior Maintenance by Partnering With QSI Facilities

The right strategy for managing exterior maintenance can increase brand value, curb appeal, and attract more customers. Instead of trying to manage exterior maintenance in-house, increase visibility and transparency to improve productivity by focusing on these oft-overlooked areas, and contact QSI Facilities by calling 1-888-328-2454 or completing the online contact form now.

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