From Wi-Fi to Smart Locks, New Smart Building Trends Poised to Change How You Unlock Your Facilities

An exciting area within smart building trends is the use of smart locks and advanced hardware. Modern smart building hardware and locks operate with proximity sensors, cameras and even mobile technology, and the smart buildings are on track to abandon the need to even unlock doors with physical actions. They may operate based on facial recognition software. In addition, Wi-Fi is empowering a new level of physical security in commercial spaces, helping businesses track consumer behaviors, reduce waste and much more. Facilities Managers should consider the top smart building trends and how they will change everyday operations.

Demand for Better Safety Is Expanding

According to Thomas A. Westerkamp via FacilitiesNet, demand for better safety was exemplified in 2018. Multiple mass shootings left countless heartache and tragedy in their wake, and as a result, businesses, schools, health care facilities and community buildings have re-evaluated their existing doors, hardware and locks. Some locks have been developed as part of these smart building trends to require dual actions to unlock.

For instance, someone may have to request entry from a smart device, and a person on the inside must authorize entry. This provides a bi-fold layer of physical security for vulnerable facilities.

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Wireless Door Activation Will Increase in Popularity Throughout 2019

Wireless door action refers to the use of smart phones and devices to automatically unlock doors remotely. These systems function by recognizing when an authorized user is nearby, unlocking the door as the person approaches. However, such systems will advance in 2019 to encompass plenty of other activities, such as dock loading, locking of exterior entry gates, geofencing to prevent theft and much more. Think of the shopping carts that lock when taken beyond a parking lot. This type of technology will grow and become commonplace throughout the coming year. Moreover, wireless systems will enable faster installation of such systems, effectively lowering the cost and barriers to better on-site security.

Smart Locks Will Merge With Security Monitoring Systems

Although the use of smart locks is not necessarily new, these systems could be used to increase cybersecurity as well. Since smart locks operate on a connected network, it is conceivable that a cyberattack may occur. However, merging of smart locks and hardware with forced entry and tamper alarms will revolutionize business security systems throughout the coming year, reports Samantha Shen of

IoT-Based Analytics and Big Data Will Empower Better Businesses With More Information

The Holy Grail for commercial facility management lies in better understanding guest behaviors and expectations. While businesses may connect with consumers on social media, imagine the possibilities of knowing where consumers shop in the facility, how long they linger in check-out lines and when individual freezer doors open and close. Such capabilities are possible with the use of more IoT-enabled devices, but having the capability to leverage data to make informed decisions is essential.

Of course, more information will have natural implications for maintenance planning and response. Since the number of guests can be tracked more easily, as well as what attracts their attention, Facility Managers can better plan maintenance activities, minimize disruptions and deliver superior guest experiences, explains Senseware.

Ensure the Security of Your Property With These Smart Building Trends

Consumers are turning to companies that take safety seriously, and smart building trends for 2019 allude to a future with smart locks, advanced hardware, IoT-enabled everything and much more. Facilities Managers can position their organizations to take advantage of this trend by partnering with a trusted facility services provider, such as QSI Facilities. Safeguard your facility and its assets with smart building technology. Visit QSI Facilities online, or call 1-888-328-2454 today.

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