Outsourcing National Facilities Project Management Is Among Top Trends for 2019 FM

Up to 60 percent of U.S. organizations plan to invest in smart building solutions in 2019, explains InbuildingTech, and among these solutions, energy management and integrated facilities management will stand apart. Of course, the best way to handle any type of planned improvement is to reduce costs and stay consistent. In retail, quick-service restaurants, corporate real estate (CRE) firms and private businesses, this amounts to a need for streamlined, national facilities project management. Consider these top trends in national facilities project management to expect in 2019.

Since It’s Too Much Work to Handle In-House, National Facilities Project Management Will Become the Standard

A key feature past company remodels with QSI is demand for national capabilities. Major brands, including McDonald’s, have chosen QSI for its national footprint and ability to handle the entire process from planning through delivery. This level of national facilities project management effectively maximizes buying power for rebranding and renovations, reducing costs, and streamlines the process. As a result, consumers see a major company refreshing its facilities all within a relatively brief period. Consumers see a company that is working to minimize disruptions and save money, even hiring the same contractors, depending on location and availability, to keep the budget under control. Such actions translate into direct savings for consumers’ purchases.

Companies Will Expect the Use of Interactive Project Management Tools

Depending on the extensivity of a nationwide project, many different organizations, contractors, project managers and public relations’ specialists will take part in the remodel. They need to be in constant communication to ensure the entire brand maintains a consistency and delivers as expected. The use of an interactive project management tool allows project managers to capture milestones, save and share documents, hold workers and other team members accountable and keep everyone apprised. For national companies, this is essential.

reactive facilities management

Virtual Reality Will Change Redesign in Retail

One of the biggest advantages available to retailers in the process of redesigning facilities derives from virtual reality. Managers can experience a space well before altering anything in the current facility. This first-hand perception helps to refine the planning process, so virtual reality will begin to enter the redesigning and project management of nationwide and local brands, notes Progressive Grocer. In addition, analytics can help Facilities Managers test results from virtual reality planned remodels and refine future remodels to address any shortfalls.

Outsourced National Facilities Project Management Will Address the Technology-Deficit

Smaller contractors and designers may lack the resources to put the latest technologies to work in a remodel. In addition, designers may have stark differences of opinion, which decimates consistency of experiences in national brands. However, outsourcing the entire process to a third party, such as QSI Facilities, put the latest tools and technologies at the forefront of all projects. Meanwhile, the nationwide footprint of an accredited company ensures consistency and immediate action across multi-site portfolios.

Take Advantage of These Trends in National Facilities Project Management to Enhance Efficiency

More businesses are rebranding their organizations to become more consumer-centric and interactive. Engaging consumers leads to more purchases and better experiences, furthering brand value and business objectives. Facilities Managers need to know what to expect in national remodeling and how outsourcing can streamline the process. Contact QSI Facilities at 1-888-328-2454 or by submitting your query online today.

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