How to Choose a Top-Quality National Exterior Services Provider

The right national exterior services provider can improve your facility’s curb appeal, attract new customers, and reduce facilities spend. Unfortunately, selecting the wrong provider can push your budget to its extreme and leave your facility feeling wronged. Instead of risking it all, Facilities Managers need to know a few things about selecting the right provider.

Last-Minute Decisions for Exterior Services May Increase Costs

The biggest problem with selecting a national exterior services provider is simple; haste makes waste. Facilities Managers that fail to plan for exterior services needs will be left holding the proverbial bag when exterior maintenance could interfere with operations, like following a snowstorm. This may be due to unavailability among service providers and increased costs for non-scheduled services. 

The Right Provider Takes the Time to Craft Business-Specific Plans For Exterior Services

The right service provider will take time to get to know your business’ needs and weaknesses. The provider will be able to determine which services will most benefit your company and quote a general price for such services. In some cases, exact quotes may not be possible due to demand and unforeseen circumstances. In other words, emergency calls may result in an increased cost for repairs, but even in such situations, having a dedicated provider means lower costs than simply trying to find a provider when things go wrong.

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Critical Steps in Choosing the Right Provider

Facilities managers need to make sure their service vendors have the proper tools and experience to provide the best service. This is part of the vetting process, which includes the following:

  • Identify your primary maintenance needs. Although service providers may conduct an initial facility assessment, it is essential to have a rough idea of the current needs of your facility before contacting field service vendor networks and providers.
  • Check references. Top-quality service providers let their experience speak for itself, and they may offer up a list of references, including testimonials, to showcase their portfolio and companies they’ve worked with in the past.
  • Get a licensed and bonded service provider. Accredited service providers must have the proper licensure and bonding requirements for local, state, and federal regulations where applicable, as well as maintaining financial responsibility, like liability insurance.

Since it is impractical to vet each potential subcontractor for costs, experience, and resources, more Facilities Managers are turning to third-party service managers, like QSI Facilities, to tap into an extensive network of contractors and reduce costs associated with exterior maintenance.

Choose the Right Provider to help Your Company Succeed

Understanding the right assets and qualities of the right national exterior services provider can mean the difference between real-world savings and increased facilities spend. Find out how to select the right provider by choosing QSI Facilities. Contact QSI Facilities online, or call 1-888-328-2454 today.

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