The Big Savings of an LED Retrofit for Your Facility: A QSI Facilities Personal Case Study

An LED retrofit is a fast, affordable way to reduce your company’s energy consumption costs, and it can have additional benefits for your public image and productivity. While initial implementation costs may vary, it is essential to think about the ways an LED retrofit can save money in the long-run. In fact, QSI Facilities has undergone this transformation as well, so let’s take a moment to think about what an LED retrofit can mean for your business.

Considerations to Take When Planning an LED Retrofit

While the decision to retrofit facilities with LED lights can save money, poor planning and execution can lead to significant cost increases and diminish the overall value of the project. Facilities managers should consider these cost-contributing factors, says Ginger Rucker of FacilitiesNet, when planning an LED retrofit:

  • LED system purchase price.
  • Wiring installation and cooling systems, if necessary for specific LED drivers, for particular types of LEDs, such as backlighting or tape lights.
  • Field service technician costs to remove previous lighting systems and install LEDs.
  • Product types and product-specific warranties.
  • The cost of disposal of older lighting systems and bulbs, which may contain mercury.

The Benefits of Retrofitting Your Facilities With LED Lighting Systems

The upfront costs of an LED retrofit can be enough to scare away the savviest of facilities managers, but they have lasting benefits to an organization, including the following:

  • An LED retrofit will continue to save money in your facility for years.
  • LEDs use less energy and have fewer safety risks.
  • Retrofitting is socially responsible.
  • A retrofit can boost employee performance.
  • LEDs may improve the guest experience.
  • They increase the safety and security of your facility.

QSI Facilities Leads by Example

Upon weighing the costs of switching to an LED system and its benefits, QSI Facilities decided to retrofit their facilities from fluorescent lights to energy-efficient LEDs. The LED retrofit saved 8.5% in electricity facility spend. This value includes other electric systems, such as HVAC units, computers, and everything else plugged into electrical outlets.

Now, some of the decreases may be associated with changing electricity usage patterns by employees, but given fuel costs have remained consistently higher than 2016, actual energy savings from LEDs alone may be even higher than 8.5% in savings.

Choose QSI Facilities for Help With Your LED Retrofit

An LED retrofit will save money and time for your facility, increasing profitability, as seen when QSI Facilities made the switch. In fact, the real savings from the retrofit at QSI Facilities will continue to grow with time through fewer replaced bulbs, lower energy bills, and easier disposal of used products. But how do you know where to start?

QSI Facilities knows firsthand the benefits of an LED retrofit, and as a result, they have personal experience in what steps can streamline the process and reduce costs. Visit QSI Facilities to learn more about how our team of experts can help your company complete your LED retrofit within budget and promptly today. 

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