Integrated Facility Services: Trends Driving the Adoption by Facilities Managers

Integrated facility services refer the connected platforms, resources and services used to manage an individual location and multi-site portfolios for all aspects of facilities management. In a sense, everything needs integration, and integration is the cornerstone of successfully managing facilities spend. Facilities Managers need to understand the trends driving adoption of integrated facility services and why they will continue throughout 2019.

1.      The Power of the IoT Is Increasing

The increasing use of the IoT will be one of the dominant trends for the application of integrated facility services throughout 2019. According to CIO Review, the use of the IoT will continue to drive pre-and post-construction successes in facility management, saving time and money.

2.      Advanced Analytics Enable Advanced Facility Management

Paired with increased use of the IoT, advanced analytics will enable advanced facility management. Facility Managers will know more about their operations, including energy use, costs, and productivity, allowing for better forecasting and budgeting.

3.      Customer-Centric Processes Are Increasing in Value

Consumers will also drive transformation throughout 2019. Facility Managers will create more consumer-centered processes, such as tracking use of public Wi-Fi and e-commerce-linked purchases, which will further empower on-site staff.

4.      Costs of Maintaining In-House Operations Are Increasing

Another factor to consider for 2019 goes back to the cost of supporting in-house operations. While it is possible to use integrated facility services with in-house systems, more companies will turn to third parties, such as QSI Facilities, for immediate integration of all needs and platforms for facility management.

5.      A Shaky End to the Economy in 2018 Will Trigger Review of Internal FM Processes

The uncertainty in the U.S. economy at the end of 2018 will contribute to more process reviews and audits of the facility management department. As a result, Facility Managers will focus on saving money, which is the cornerstone of integrated facility services.

6.      Simpler, Mobile-Based Facilities Processes Will Become King

The age of using web-based systems to track facilities management are also ending, and in their place, mobile-based systems will streamline operations.

7.      The Talent Shortage Is Worsening

Facilities management will also face challenges within the talent shortage. As more facilities management professionals retire or choose other careers, existing departments will struggle to keep staff on-hand. As a result, integration will be necessary.

8.      Compliance Will Grow Broader and Stricter

With the convening of a new Congress earlier this month, compliance requirements will make a splash in facilities management in 2019 as well. Compliance requirements will grow broader and stricter, and integrated facility services will be useful in meeting such demands.

9.      Adoption of the Cloud Will Demand Integrated Capabilities

more companies will continue digital transformation with adoption of the cloud, and therefore, demand for integrated facility services will skyrocket. This will be due to the limitless scalability of the cloud and its associated software, so Facility Managers can do more with less.

10.  Blockchain Is Coming

Blocking technology will also contribute to an increased demand for integrated facility services in 2019. Since the power of blockchain rests on the full share ability of ledgers, or facility management work order systems in this case, it will need integrated systems to function and supply value.

11.  Demand for Faster Work Order Completion Will Drive Adoption of New Technology

Companies will also put more pressure on Facilities Managers to reduce costs and complete work orders faster. While a CMMS can help, upgrading all systems to automate as many processes as possible will dramatically reduce time to resolution.

12.  Mergers and Acquisitions Among Companies Will Increase Use of Integrated Services

Mergers and acquisitions of companies, as well as the ongoing uncertainty behind some of the nation’s top brands, like Sear’s, will lead more companies to consider new ways to save money and keep up with e-commerce. Ergo, use of integrated facilities management services will increase in popularity.

Tap Into the Value of Integrated Facilities Services Now

These trends highlight the value companies place on doing more with less and streamlining operations. In a sense, everything goes back to integrated systems and processes. Put the power of integrated facilities services to work in your buildings now. Contact QSI Facilities online or by calling 1-888-328-2454 to learn how to get your organization on the path toward integrated services now.


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