HVAC and Facility Management: HVAC Trends for Facility Management

Worldwide HVAC demand is expected to continue growing through 2020, reports WorldBuild 365. Meanwhile, HVAC Trends for facility management allude to renewed interest in increasing energy efficiency and leveraging facilities management technology and platforms to enhance performance. As the internet of things (IoT) continues to make a name for itself in facilities management, your organization needs to understand these HVAC trends for facility management and how they will impact your operation.

1. Focusing on Right-Sized HVAC Systems Is Among the Top HVAC Trends

Facility managers are placing an added focus on finding the right-sized HVAC system for their facilities. This means selecting a system that maximizes energy use to ensure the “just right” indoor climate. Using advanced facilities management platforms, facility managers can reduce expenditures for HVAC system installation and total cost ownership.

2. The IoT and Automated Systems Will Improve HVAC Efficiency

While the IoT is not a new technology, it is finally maturing. Embedded IoT technology is the new standard in HVAC systems, and IoT-connected systems have the potential to improve HVAC efficiency through real-time self-optimization. This is part of building automation; when paired with other smart building technologies, the opportunity for savings expands. As a result, the demand for smarter HVAC systems increases globally, explains Appliance Design, boosting strategic value of smart HVAC system use in facilities management.

3. HVAC System Monitoring and Management Will Become Mobile

HVAC system monitoring and management are also feeling the impact of the mobile revolution. Facility managers can work with them through apps and mobile devices, allowing facility managers to oversee more locations and effectively do more with less.

4. Machine-To-Machine Learning and Analytics Will Improve Efficiency

Machine-to-machine learning and analytics platforms are also becoming the standard in HVAC Trends. Facility managers and business owners expect systems to communicate with one another and leverage small insights for big savings.

5. Integrated and Wireless HVAC system solutions are standard

As new technology continues to improve efficiency, existing facilities managers need solutions that are easy to retrofit and adapt to existing equipment. In other words, integrated and wireless HVAC system solutions will continue to define HVAC Trends throughout the future.

6.  Green Is the New Normal

Consumers have access to more information about businesses and facilities than ever before, and if your company does not implement sustainable practices, especially among HVAC systems, consumers will find out. Regardless of political belief, finite resources require existing facility managers to reevaluate legacy systems and implement green, sustainable initiatives. Thus, adverse global impact from increased energy consumption decreases, thus, boosting brand value and reducing overhead expenses simultaneously.

Your Organization Can Capitalize on These Trends for Better, Faster and More Effective Facility Management

These HVAC trends will continue to dominate the facility management trends’ landscape for years to come, and facilities managers who understand today’s trends can leverage this information to prepare for a better, more efficient future. Moreover, it is reasonable to assume regulations governing energy efficiency and green standards in HVAC systems will come to pass. Therefore, facilities managers should take heed today.

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