Hospitality Facilities Management: Creating a Better Guest Experience

Hair dryers, air conditioning and TVs were once trending devices and amenities offered in the most exclusive hotels, but today, guests expect these and much more. With the rise of online booking sites seeking to offer exclusive service and state-of-the-art amenities at the cheapest rates, hotels need a way to stand out and deliver on guests’ expectations. As explained by Starfleet Research, today’s hotels are looking to offer Wi-Fi across the board, in-room tablets and mobile, keyless entry for guests. Fortunately, hospitality facilities management evolved to meet these mounting expectations and offer better guest experiences using the below avenues:

1. Hospitality Facilities Management Creates an Enjoyable Experience with Glitch-Free Equipment

The traditional IT needs in hotels continues to rise. Rather than eating these increasing costs and hoping for the best, hospitality facilities management can effectively manage the complete process, creating a seamless experience for guests. A single glitch in technology can mark a guest’s entire experience. So, connected hospitality facilities management helps managers track and manage all assets, ranging from today’s smart TVs to in-room tablets and more.

2. The Property Management System Handles Reservations, Check-in and Billing Processes

Guests expect a hotel to live up to unmatched expectations, and this includes a seamless experience from reservation to check. As a result, hospitality facilities management must integrate with the overall property management system. Thus, general managers and facilities managers can ensure as many rooms and amenities are in working order and available to guests.

3. It Is Key to Offering Extras, Like Spa Services, Guest Histories, Valet and More

Hospitality facilities management is also responsible for overseeing extra amenities and services offered by your facility. For example, spa facilities must be kept clean. Guest histories can be used to predict average occupancy rates throughout the year, whereas valet can be used to draw in more guests. Thus, having a system to manage all parts of the guest experience including check-in, spa reservations, parking and more is key to continuing to offer such services. 

4. Hospitality Facilities Systems Improve Concierge Services

Concierge services also benefit from hospitality facilities management. Concierge services can connect customer needs and wants with amenities and offers. As a result, hospitality facilities professionals can provide personalized service to every guest.

5. It Increases Staff Performance and Builds Customer Loyalty

Guest experiences rely on superior staff performance; moreover, facilities management activities like proactive, preventative maintenance, upgrades to existing IT systems and equipment and clean facilities must take place behind the curtain. This level of invisibility ensures customers’ experiences are uninterrupted, explains Patrick Ryan of Hotel News, therefore, building customer loyalty.

Improve Guest Experiences with Effective Hospitality Facilities Management

Higher occupancy rates, better guest feedback, fewer complaints and less intrusive activities like maintenance during guest stays, leads to lower operating costs and even lower nightly rates. Effective, integrated hospitality facilities management creates a win-win for hotel personnel and guests alike. To learn more about implementing integrated facilities management for your hotel, contact QSI Facilities online or by calling 1 (877) 283-8177 today.

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