How Proactive Healthcare Facility Management Saves Lives Every Day

Facilities management ranges from groups upkeep to managing everyday systems, like lighting and ventilation. While a problem with common facilities management assets might disrupt operations in retail or restaurants, the implications are more profound in healthcare facility management, including senior living center facility management. A malfunctioning system can cost lives and add to the mounting burden of affordable health care. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key ways proactive healthcare facility management can literally save lives.

Healthcare Facility Management Is Essential to Life Support Systems

Life support system include machines that provide the basic life functions patient experiencing severe medical illnesses or distress require. While these machines may have backup battery power supplies, batteries eventually lose charge and fail to provide power. In healthcare facilities, generator-based electrical systems and outlets are clearly denoted for use if power is lost, ensuring patient safety and health is not compromised. However, generators, the electrical system, fuel and automated startup controls, integrated with facilities management technologies, are key to powering backup power supply systems.

Proactive Facilities Management Reduces the Spread of Pathogens in Healthcare Facilities

Improperly functioning HVAC system can help healthcare facilities prevent the spread of infection. In healthcare, certain pathogens, like the flu, pneumonia or tuberculosis, can be spread by droplets through the air. Proactive facility management ensures specialized ventilation systems in these setting function as prescribed, and a proactive, preventative maintenance checklist is key to ensuring the system’s work when not in use, reports David Lewek of Facility Executive. If a problem is not discovered until the system is turned on, it is too late to help prevent the spread of infection.

Diagnostic Equipment Must Be Kept Working to Identify Potential Health Problems

Healthcare facilities also rely on expensive, state-of-the-art equipment, like MRI machines, CT scanners, x-ray machines and advanced surgical lighting systems, to diagnose and prevent health problems from turning into tragedies. Like systems wired directly into the building, this equipment must be checked routinely, even when not used frequently, for potential maintenance problem, and proactive healthcare facility management can extend the life expectancy of this equipment as well. Even minor areas, like surgical instruments, benefit from tracking and using a proactive approach in facilities management, ensuring items are sterile and ready for use.

Money Saved Through Proactive Healthcare Facilities Management Translates Into Better Patient-Staff Ratios

Healthcare facilities management revolves around an industry that is a source of conflict and criticism in modernity. There is a dark reality to healthcare; some people may opt to forgo treatment due to rising healthcare costs, regardless of political affiliation or health insurance coverage. However, proactive healthcare facilities management can reduce the hospital or healthcare facility expense, resulting in lower costs past two patients. Ultimately, this encourages people to continue seeing their appropriate care providers and reduces mortality rates.

Proactive Healthcare Facility Management Will Improve Treatment Outcomes and Community Health

The right healthcare facility management processes and activities can reduce the spread of infection and much more in health facilities. Rather than risking the safety of your patients, staff and visitors, implement proactive healthcare facility management processes, and choose a facilities management to help you make the most of your resources. QSI Facilities understands the attention to detail and care required in healthcare facilities management. Visit QSI Facilities online to find out more about ways to improve your health facilities management processes today.

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