The Invaluable Role of Facility Work Order Management Via CMMS

The right computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) will affect adherence to the facility management budget and prioritize maintenance needs. The wrong system will cause undue delays, lead to inefficiencies in the maintenance schedule and effectively reduce the lifespan of your assets. The latter paints a grim picture, and its roots lie in poor facility work order management. Instead of hoping for the best, Facilities Managers need to understand the role of a CMMS and how to get the most from it.

What’s Wrong with Current Facility Work Order Management?

Facility work order management might sound as simple as inputting numbers for purchase orders for maintenance needs. Managing work orders is exceedingly complex. Facilities Managers must consider facility plans, financial forecasts, purchase of furnishings, repair of furnishings, maintenance of safety and security systems, handling vendors and field service technicians, overseeing all building operations, and managing the use of space, says Gregory Blondeau of Facility Executive. The variety of responsibilities is ripe for improvement through the use of Big Data analytics and better, cloud-based management tools.

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Why a CMMS Provides Better Work Order Management

Modern CMMS leverage machine learning, the Internet of Thing and predictive analytics to help the facility management team perform maintenance before it contributes to problems and asset failures, explains Intellis. Best-in-class CMMS solutions should enable the full utilization of your maintenance workforce. This includes completing 90+ percent of maintenance as preventive maintenance, achieving 100 percent reliability of asset performance, reducing overtime, and achieving a 2-percent margin on the budget, reports FacilitiesNet. Additional delays and costs arise from the over processing of work orders too.

How to Get the Most from Your CMMS

Some of the best practices in using a CMMS include:

  • Shift Toward Proactive Workflows. This is a simple way of saying that reactive maintenance needs should be addressed immediately, but it includes the need to address the maintenance backlog at the same time. A quality CMMS should help Facilities Managers always maintain budget adherence by denoting available funds for preventive maintenance versus reactive maintenance.
  • Conduct Robust Skills Training. In fact, up to 37 percent of team members may not be properly trained to use the CMMS, reports 24x7 Magazine. Robust training practices on using the CMMS will reduce errors and increase the value of the system.
  • Utilize a Best-in-Class CMMS, Outsourcing When Necessary. Developing an in-house CMMS might sound like the best option, but it will require advanced coding capability and ongoing maintenance costs for the CMMS itself. That’s crazy! Instead of trying to leave everything in-house, Facilities Managers should consider outsourcing CMMS selection and leave the coding to the pros.
  • Standardize Proactive Maintenance. A CMMS should also work to enhance proactive maintenance by keeping all work orders aligned with an overarching maintenance schedule and using data from the system to identify when an asset’s continued malfunctions may warrant replacement of the asset.
  • Integrate Inventory and Purchasing. Maintaining extra stock of asset components and supplies for the maintenance team can be a hassle, but modern CMMS solutions can integrate purchasing and inventory management. In turn, less time and money are spent on administrative purposes, freeing staff to make repairs as needed.
  • Measure and Report Results. Measuring gives Facilities Managers the ability to determine if a CMMS is worth its investment and how it has impacted facilities spend. This is the beginning of an ROI analysis, and reporting information back to stakeholders will further build rapport between the facility management team and upper-level management too.

Put the Power of Better WO Management to Work in Your Facility Now

Better control over facility work order management is a great way to reduce costs and using a modern CMMS can leverage analytics and connected systems to bring renewed transparency and accountability to your operation. Increase the efficiency and productivity of your team with a best-in-class CMMS through QSI Facilities. Contact QSI Facilities at 1-888-328-2454 or completing the online contact form now.

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