What's Driving Facility Rebrands? Trends Contributing to the Need for National Rollouts by Major Retailers & QSRs

Rebranding a business is one of the best ways to tap into new demographics and attract more customers. The rise of e-commerce gave consumers the freedom to shop at their heart’s desire and from any location, and this catalyzed a change in the traditional brick-and-mortar environment. Instead of simply offering products or services, consumers want experience, and for aging buildings, national rollouts of facility rebrands or remodels is essential to keeping consumers interested. Consider these top trends driving demand for national rollouts among major retailers and quick service restaurants (QSRs).

1.      Major Retailers Have Already Renovated

One of the significant issues concerning facility rebrands goes back to the gradual transformation of retail spaces in recent years. Medical practices and health clinics have merged with retailers, and consumers want more. Unfortunately, many major retailers have already taken this step, so even more companies will turn to new ways to blend retail with other services in 2019.

2.      Amenities Are Essential to Creating Guest Experiences

It is not enough to offer the best products or foods. Consumers want true, authentic experiences, and amenities will go a long way in helping companies create positive experiences for consumers. Look for more companies offering free Wi-Fi, charging stations, eco-friendly services and even couches for consumers in 2019.

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3.      Food-Borne Outbreak Whiplash Will Force Major Changes in the Food Service Industry

The past year saw many outbreaks of food-borne illnesses in QSRs and the food service industry. This will drive a new era of regulations for QSRs, and new regulations will mean new investments. Such investments may even be the result of increased demand for more auditing capability and ensuring professional training of employees.

4.      Construction Project Management Software Will Increase in Value

With the complexity of facilities management increasing, the value of high-quality construction project management software will rise, says Building Design and Construction. Businesses will want to use the latest technology to track progress and ensure savings. In addition, drones will become a key part of construction projects too.

5.      Off-Site Construction Will Continue

Another factor to consider is off-site construction. The trend for off-site construction is a win-win because it reduces risk and speeds the time to completion. This is a trick of the mind for consumers, but it stands for an opportunity for companies to make it seem like they transformed everything overnight.

Align Your Rebrands Nationwide With the Right Facilities Management Partnership

Facility rebrands will be a major force in 2019, and more companies will take a stand for their beliefs and policies. The past year taught Facility Managers the value of ensuring every customer has a positive experience, and 2019 will be the year to get it right at last. Get your whole organization on the same page by using the nationwide power of QSI. Visit QSI Facilities online, or call 1-888-328-2454 now.
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