Facility Management Technology Solutions Enable Data-Based Decision Making

Facilities Managers are under increasing pressure to reduce costs and increase the cost-effectiveness of existing operations. Unfortunately, working within the confines of traditional systems make decision making processes difficult at best. However, modern facility management technology solutions are built on data, empowering Facilities Managers and reducing inaccuracies along the way. Facilities Managers need to know why modern systems are superior and how to use them to make the best decisions possible.

Disjointed Systems and Disconnected Assets Lead to Assumption

Facilities management suffers from a big problem; more organizations are trying to use the latest technology. Yet, new technology lacks value if not handled properly. Disjointed systems and disparate data reduce cost-effectiveness and increase facilities spend. In addition, existing systems are producing inaccurate data and incorrectly making recommendations to Facilities Managers, reports Facility Executive. The best-laid plans for budgeting improvements fall on deaf ears and lead to higher costs if inaccurate data exists. Moreover, support for improvements falters if results are not achieved. Fortunately, modern facility management technology solutions can overcome this issue.

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Facilities Management Technology Solutions Ensure Data-Based Decision Making

According to Luke Perkerwicz of AkitaBox, the biggest facility management technology solutions affecting decision making processes in facilities management include:

  • Building information modeling. Modern building information modeling can be used to increase benchmarking processes, lowering costs associated with maintaining facilities assets since managers know what to expect when making certain repairs.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT). The power of the IoT can be leveraged to know when asset performance falls below satisfactory and use analytics to identify the likely cause of failure. In turn, field service technicians know the problem exists and how to correct it in the fastest time, reducing disruptions.
  • Automated maintenance software, such as a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). Automated software can help Facilities Managers reduce spend by automating the field service vendor scheduling and payment processes. In addition, other technologies, such as an IVR, further mitigate risk by holding technicians accountable and only billing companies for actual work performed.
  • In addition to reducing the amount of physical labor resources necessary in facilities management, drones reduce risk. Imagine the risks involved with inspecting building exteriors. Instead of putting yourself or your employees at risk, a drone can inspect the facility. In coming years, drones may also be capable of making repairs and further reducing reliance on labor resources, reducing spend as well.
  • Advanced HVAC technology. According to Electric Choice, the HVAC system is responsible for the majority of costs in business, aside from labor costs. Heating falls in the second spot, and cooling sits in third. Moreover, units aged 10 or above are likely increasing energy costs by up to 20 percent.

How Modern Technology Solutions Add Value

Modern technology solutions have the benefit of adding value to the facilities management, turning the department away from cost center and toward cost avoidance center. Instead of continually adding to the budget, Facilities Managers can lower spending and help an organization avoid unnecessary costs. Few areas are more affected with this approach than maintenance. In fact, some of the ways facility management technology adds value include the following:

  • Reduced demand for supplies and manual reporting.
  • Better planning of custodial zones.
  • Managed work orders.
  • Easy access to facility asset purchase, maintenance, and warranty information.
  • Ongoing optimization of practices to achieve maintenance goals.

Take Advantage of Facility Management Technology Solutions Now

Modern facility management technology solutions should include comprehensive controls for your organization and enable real-time insight into facilities management activities. Moreover, modern systems should be integrated with existing platforms and leverage the IoT, machine learning and Big Data to drive actionable insights. Put the power of modern facilities management technology solutions, like QSI’s dedicated, integrated IVR and CMMS platform, to work in your organization. Contact QSI at 1-888-328-2454 or visit QSI Facilities online to get started.

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