Facility Management Skills: 10 Skills Every Facilities Manager Needs for Strategic Facilities Management

Creating a strategic facilities management program rests in the hands of a skilled Facility Manager. The basic technologies and processes of facilities management are evolving, and demographics in the field are starting to reduce the talent gap. Unfortunately, finding the right talent requires that companies understand the key facility management skills essential to strategic facilities management.

1. The Ability to Use Technology in New Ways

As explained by Gregory Blondeau via Proxy Click, Facilities Managers must keep up with constantly changing technologies, some of which carry intuitive user interfaces and processes, allowing for continuous expansion of functions. As technology evolves, Facility Managers must be willing to think outside-of-the-box and use technology in new ways.

2. An Understanding of Basic IT Functions

Facilities Managers must also have a basic understanding of information technology (IT) functions and processes, including the benefits of using cloud-based platforms over traditional, terminal-based systems.

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3. Top-Quality Facilities Managers Understand Everything Needs a Data-Driven Basis

In the digital age, strategic facilities management is available to businesses of all sizes. Therefore, top-quality Facility Managers should rely on data for all decisions. This eliminates uncertainty and ensures all activities have a strategic value.

4. Compassion for the Company, Consumers, Staff, and Environment

Strategic facilities management skills are based on creating a positive experience for all building occupants, as well as those who have not yet purchased your products or services. Facilities Managers must exhibit compassion for all possible occupants and the environment. Cohesive compassion will attract more consumers.

5. A Need for Continuing Education

Nothing stays the same in facilities management, so Facility Managers should engage in continuing education. This expands their knowledge base and allows them to tap into new facilities management resources.

6. The Best Facilities Managers Are Not Afraid to Get Their Hands Dirty

As explained by the International Facility Management Association, women are quickly becoming facilities management leaders, and part of their success hinges upon an integral facilities management skill; their willingness to do all activities and duties necessary in the field, as well as in management roles.

7. A Willingness to Always Listen to Another’s Suggestion, Opinion, or Direction From Supervisors

A good Facility Manager hears other people, but a great Facilities Manager listens to their opinions, thoughts, suggestions, or instruction, and uses such information to make decisions that have a positive impact on everyone involved.

8. The Ability to Assign Job Duties and Responsibilities to Others

Strategic facility management skills also require the divvying up of job duties and responsibilities. This includes assigning responsibility and roles to other team members, increasing collaboration and reducing stress on upper-level management.

9. Strong Communication Skills Are Integral in the Facilities Management Repertoire

Although collaboration plays a vital role in strategic facilities management, Facility Managers must also have strong communication skills. Poor communication could result in consequential costs and delays that adversely impact the occupant experience.

10. Adaptability Is the Most Important of All Facility Management Skills

Change remains the common denominator in all facilities management programs, so Facility Managers must be flexible and adaptable to any situation. The natural disasters of 2017 are a testament to this fact. Adaptability allows Facility Managers to combine both reactive and proactive activities to keep costs down while planning for unexpected setbacks.

Make These Facilities Management Skills a Priority in Staff Evaluations and Hiring Practices Now

Having the right mix of experience and facilities management skills is key to a successful facilities management program, and the importance is heightened in the age of proactive maintenance. Stop throwing money at the problem, and gain control by teaching these skills to your team members. If you are unsure how to begin, consider outsourcing facilities management processes to an experienced team that can help internal team members get a handle on their duties and be the leaders you need. Contact QSI Facilities by calling 1 (888) 328-3656 or submitting your query online today.

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