10 Tips for Facility Managers to Cut Facility Energy Costs

Facilities Managers face more pressure than ever. Building owners and executives want Facilities Managers to work within tighter margins, maintain best-in-class facilities, be at the beck and call of guests and occupants, and do it all without any disruption. In this way, facilities management can feel overwhelming, but Facilities Managers who divide out property management tasks, such as grounds upkeep, housekeeping, and guest services, to improve the flow of facilities management can successfully reduce overall facility energy costs.

Why Are Facility Energy Costs Increasing?

The primary reason for pressure to reduce facilities management costs comes from increasing public backlash towards businesses that spend more than necessary, and depending on the industry, authoritative organizations may oversee each business’ energy use and spending. Meanwhile, utility companies are diverging from traditional, standard going rates, charging companies that use more energy a higher per unit rate.

Cutting Costs Hinges on Implementation of New Technology and Adherence to Key Best Practices

Keeping costs in check demands a proactive approach that reduces overall energy consumption by keeping all activities and facilities at their lowest energy demand. In other words, Facilities Managers must use the organization’s available technology to innovative principles of technology, like using facilities management analytics and the data, to keep energy costs under control.

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Actionable Tips to Reduce Facility Energy Costs

Sustainable practices are everything in facilities management, explains Across the spectrum of business, ranging from commercial real estate to healthcare facilities management, the changing economy requires Facilities Managers to look for ways to reduce facility energy costs. Some of the most effective means of reducing energy costs include the following:

  1. Reduce vacant energy uses.
  2. Make reducing energy costs a community effort.
  3. Retrofit your facilities.
  4. Use process improvement in all activities.
  5. Reduce solar heat gain.
  6. Check and maintain a proper refrigeration temperature.
  7. Consider bringing your own power supplies, like sub-load energy meters.
  8. Hold the utility companies accountable.
  9. Take advantage of resources to analyze data.
  10. Maintain equipment and continue using best-in-class facilities management processes.

These tips have something in common; they use technology to reduce energy costs by ensuring assets work as intended and automatically reduce demand on energy reserves by ensuring all systems only function when needed.

Boost Visibility and Manage Facility Energy Costs Proactively Now

The best ways to reduce facility energy costs can vary by industry, but Facilities Managers who take the time to use data to drive costs down can successfully identify the “bad actors,” reports Software Advice, allowing for faster responses to energy-eating equipment, reduce overall facility energy costs, and implement sustainable practices. Find out more about the top ways your organization can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint to gain control of your facility energy costs by speaking with a facilities management expert at 1-888-328-2454 or visiting QSI Facilities online today.



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