Efficient Facilities Vendor Management: Who Has Time to Call All These Vendors, Check Their Paperwork & Manage Work Quality?

Keeping your business up and running relies on efficient facilities vendor management. However, the growing number of facilities vendors in the market and expanding businesses make facilities vendor management feel like a nightmare. Depending on the size of your business, simply managing vendors could mean working with thousands of tradesmen in everything from electrical works to general maintenance. In addition, working with vendors increases risk to your business.

For example, are they legal citizens? Is the vendor insured and licensed, and if a problem arises, how will it be handled? Will a refund be issued? Will additional work be compensated and what if an injury occurs? Who will be responsible for the medical bills?

These are real risks and they only grow from there. Consider a 100-location company. If each site uses four vendors, that amounts to managing 400 vendor partnerships. As your company grows, that number will climb and the logistics of managing each relationship, paying invoices, verifying payment through audits and scheduling service calls can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Rather than trying to manage the process in-house, consider the top qualities of an efficient facilities vendor management partner, such as QSI Facilities.

1. Efficient Facilities Vendor Management Begins With Responsive Service and Automated Work Orders

A qualified facilities vendor management partnership should not begin or exist solely in a call center. The digital revolution can make reporting issues simpler by automating them within your existing systems. Rather than relinquishing all control to a partner, integrate vendor management within your company’s computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).

"Built to Execute" means the facilities vendor management provider should begin the process of finding the correct technician to address your needs. Expect a timely response to your problems and get a qualified technician fit for the job when you need it.

3. You Need a Strategic Partner, Not Just a Customer Service Rep

Your company is your top priority and facilities vendor management programs should use field-based sensors and automated systems to gather data on the state of your assets. This information should be analyzed to prioritize your facilities management needs and ensure your assets last as long as possible.

4. An Accredited Vendor Should Automate Managing Quality

An accredited facilities management program should also take steps to manage the quality of the process. The vendor should provide real-time technician tracking and status updates; also, you should have the ability to rate the work performed and verify billing rates.

5. Service Should Be “Your Business-Centric,” Not Vendor-Centric

An effective facilities vendor management provider should also make your business their focus, not sales quotas. The solution should be tailored to your needs, while the focus should be on factors impacting your business, not your neighbor’s.

6. On-Demand, Planned Projects and Last-Minute Adjustments Including Follow-Through, Should Be Available

While in-house management of vendors might seem ideal, think of the amount of time it would take to manage on-demand, planned and last-minute adjustments to your projects. Emergencies arise and what happens if you cannot complete the process? This is where an effective facilities vendor management provider, like QSI Facilities, can come in handy. In fact, you should be able to follow through with concerns or issues that arose and review key performance indicators (KPIs) associated with the service call.

Partnerships With Vendor Management Providers, Like QSI Facilities, Alleviate the Burden of Building In-House Programs!

So, who has the time to call all these vendors? QSI Facilities does and has already started working on your behalf as a premier service provider of on-demand, planned and last-minute facilities management and maintenance operations. To find out more about how you can integrate your CMMS with QSI Facilities, visit us online or call 1 (877) 283-8177 today.

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