Facilities Remodels: Top Trends for Better, Faster Store Remodels

Companies across the country are remodeling their facilities to combat, if not augment, e-commerce, and facilities management departments are struggling to meet stakeholders’ expectations. In a nationwide brand, remodeling stores is a huge undertaking. The slightest difference could result in millions of lost revenue and failure to meet consumer expectations. Think about some of the top brands in the country, McDonald’s, Walmart and Target. The look and feel may vary between stores, but it should offer a consistent experience that gives consumers what they want. Fortunately, Facilities Managers that follow these trends can speed facilities remodels and keep costs under control.

The Majority of Companies in the U.S. Will Invest in Smart Building Technology in 2019

Smart building solutions are among the most in-demand facets of businesses in the U.S. today. According to InbuildingTech, 60 percent of U.S. organizations plan to invest in smart building solutions in the coming year. Meanwhile, 68 percent are planning to invest in emergency management and integrated facilities management capabilities as well. Therefore, facilities remodels will increase in likelihood, even among those that have already completed remodels in recent years. Meanwhile, new point-of-sale systems, built to compete with Amazon Go’s planned facial recognition and billing technology, will require further remodeling to install new systems and stay competitive, notes Christopher Walton of Forbes.

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Consumer-Centric Design Will Define Remodel Plans and Outcomes

Businesses of all sizes and types are focusing more on consumer-centric design, so all remodels must consider consumers’ unique preferences and expectations, notes Andrew Kucheriavy via Forbes. True consumer-centric design means recognizing the problems where they exist, identifying what may solve them, and selecting a solution (“the planned design”). In other words, businesses will need to deploy analytics to understand their consumers’ expectations and deliver new experiences without breaking the bank. For instance, companies with a poor record of maintenance, even loose door knobs, may not seem like a major problem, but it affects consumer experiences. For larger brands, the slightest details can leave something to be desired. If the store in Dallas is in great condition, but the store in Lubbock is sub-par, consumers will likely avoid the Lubbock store. For companies with individual stores in cities, this is antagonist of profitability and positive consumer experiences. Throughout 2019, more companies will look to maximize brand value by ensuring all needs are met in facilities regardless of location, and they will go further in the process by remodeling all locations. Remodeling attracts new consumers. It is that simple.

Use Big Data and Analytics to Track Facilities Remodels

In business time is money, but during a remodel, both time and disruption cost millions. According to Progressive Grocer, more companies are looking for ways to validate remodeling plans in real-time, leveraging data from completed stores with consumer feedback to refine the remodel plans. While there will always be a degree of difference, the ability to create a consistent brand, experience and feel is essential to retaining consumers. Consumers visit your store for the experience. In the age of Amazon, anything can be purchased online, so you have to stand out from your competitors. You also have to offer the same positive experience regardless of the location. Thus, you must remodel your stores faster and with even better results than in the past.

Save Time and Money With Winning Facilities Remodels

Facilities remodels will have one of two effects on consumers. They will love it and flock to your facility, or they will go to your competitors. Instead of risking lost consumers due to facilities remodels, Facility Managers should minimize disruptions, reduce costs, and deliver superior experiences to consumers. In other words, they should follow the aforementioned trends in facilities remodels. Streamline your facilities remodels by following these trends and calling QSI Facilities at 1-888-328-2454 or by completing the online contact form now.
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