Facilities Remodeling: Considerations When Remodeling Hundreds of Locations to Update Your Corporate Brand

Remodeling a single building can take months to complete, and maintaining control over costs is difficult at best. Unfortunately, the complications of remodeling hundreds of locations to update a corporate brand can spiral out of control. Facilities Managers may be incapable of overseeing a nationwide facilities remodeling program due to both its sheer volume and complexity. However, knowing a few things about facilities remodeling considerations can help reduce the stress associated with remodeling hundreds of locations to update the brand.

Conduction of Market Research to Determine Best Approach to Facilities Remodeling

Although a plan may exist for remodeling nationwide locations, it is imperative to include the Facility Manager at the beginning. This includes during the research phase to determine what will and will not require demolition and facilities remodeling. In addition, the Facility Manager will be able to guide the remodel to reduce spend and prevent unnecessary disruptions.

Creation of Internal Teams to Manage New Departments, Such as Energy Management Teams

The use of a common communications platform can help reduce the amount of time necessary to plan and handle a nationwide remodel. For example, a well-known quick service restaurant was capable of remodeling 170 kitchens under budget and two months ahead of schedule.

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Tracking of Current Asset Condition and Timeline to Replacement

Facilities Managers should also track asset condition and timeline to the replacement for all assets that are not replaced as part of the remodel. Given expensive assets, like the HVAC system, the value of a Facility Manager can help prevent the unnecessary replacement of assets that have years, if not decades, left of their lives. Moreover, tracking asset conditions for all newly installed assets is essential to developing a preventive maintenance program to reduce the long-term total cost of ownership. 

In a major remodel, more than 300 restaurants needed new walk-in coolers, freezer motors and lights. Upgrading a single facility is a lengthy process, but the demand does not end at the decision to upgrade. It needs to have a positive return. In this example, 33 percent of locations saw a 10 percent reduction in energy use.

This has additional implications for the coordination of multiple projects and working with the financial departments to streamline vendor selection and payments.

Emergency Services

Even with the best-laid plans, emergencies and disasters may still occur. As a result, the entire facilities management budget must not be devoted to a remodel for any given period. A reserve budget should exist to handle unexpected needs.

Materials’ Sourcing

In a nationwide remodel, sourcing materials can be a logistics’ nightmare. A single supplier may be incapable of handling the entire materials’ order, and it may be more expensive to use a single supplier in the first place. Imagine the costs of shipping stones and heavy items across the country when a competing supplier is just down the road.

Reporting to Stakeholders

Another factor to consider is how the remodels’ details will be reported to stakeholders. Any unforeseen delay or cost could spell doom for the remainder of the project. Thus, it is important to keep stakeholders informed, using a common communications platform as noted above.

Compliance With Mandated Standards

Different standards exist, ranging from energy-efficiency to ADA. With more companies moving toward digital-immersive experiences, it is no surprise that one of the largest, oldest quick service chains in the country streamlined remodels with QSI. Also, the complexity of the remodel represents another challenge. Self-ordering kiosks and integrated systems required advanced technical knowledge, but with the QSI vendor network, the challenge to maintain consistency and manage spend was met. 

Defined Scope, Milestones and Objectives

For instance, the nationwide remodel of 60 percent of a nationwide restaurant chain, as well as the building of 1,000 new locations, represented a significant challenge. As a result of implementing centralized facility controls, a new facility was necessary to manage the company’s expansion.

Take These Considerations to Reduce Delays and Costs During Facilities Remodeling

There are hundreds of potential considerations to take when remodeling a single facility, and remodeling hundreds of locations is a task that must not be assigned to a single Facility Manager. Instead of trying to handle the process in-house, consider outsourcing to an experience, nationwide construction manager, like QSI Facilities. This is the fastest and easiest way to get the control you need over your next remodel. Contact QSI Facilities online or by phone at 1-888-328-2454 to streamline your next remodel now.

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