Facilities Management Total Cost Reduction: Five Ways Facility Managers Can Improve the Bottom Line

Achieving facilities management total cost reduction proves value in gaining control over facilities management systems and processes. This is the common goal of all businesses, driving overhead expenses down, and facility managers can improve their bottom lines by taking these five actions.

1. Fewer Service Calls Drive Facilities Management Total Cost Reduction

Unnecessary service calls, including service calls made when the problem could have been corrected during an earlier, scheduled service call, can help increase facility management profit margins. Paired with a faster, web-based software to make management more effective and intuitive, it reduces the risk of forgetting to place service call requests. This allows facility managers to get maintenance on schedule, and deferred maintenance and maintenance backlog, and create proactive management processes for all activities, including remodels or renovations. As a result, initial investment needed to manage such projects decreases.

2. Less Headache and Risk Among Staff Reduces Turnover Rates

High staff turnover contributes to higher overhead expenses from facilities management through customer-service representatives. By outsourcing facilities management services or working with experienced, trained professionals, facilities managers eliminate many facilities management training costs and risk to staff, lowering turnover rate and encouraging facilities management total cost reduction simultaneously.

3. Maintenance Expertise Reduces Rework

Part of the problem with high facility management overhead costs involves a lack of experience among staff members who are not properly trained or capable of handling extensive maintenance needs. This introduces an element of rework within all maintenance tasks. Rather than trying to get maintenance work completed multiple times, facility managers can achieve total cost reductions, like getting it right the first time, by working with an experienced, certified maintenance technician.

4. Automated Sensors Increase Facilities Management Visibility

Facility management total cost reductions are enhanced by using automated sensors and Internet-enabled technology. These technologies increase visibility into facilities management activity, proving return on investment (ROI) among and contributing to continued stakeholder support. Seamless integration, better use of technology and configuration, simple installation and application of automated and internet-connected systems increase documentation accuracy and completion as well.

5. Less Reactive Maintenance Translates Into Cost Reductions

One of the most effective ways to achieve facility management total cost reduction lies in preventing and cutting reactive maintenance. Reactive maintenance implies immediate attention and costs associated with correcting an issue that is impacting customer experiences and your team members. By fixing maintenance needs before they become evident, impacting the customer experience, such as checking toilets to ensure proper function, facilities managers can reduce the demand for after-hours service calls and their exorbitant after-hours fees. Ultimately, less reactive maintenance translates into greater cost reductions.

Get Control Over Your Facilities Management Costs in These Areas Now

Deciding to achieve and reach a greater facilities management total cost reduction through these technologies and steps should be an easy decision, but these steps are not necessarily easy to implement when using an in-house facilities management team. Rather than leaving it up to chance, consider working with a third-party facilities management and maintenance services provider to streamline the process and ensure the greatest ROI through continuing total cost reductions in facilities management processes.

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