What Are the Facilities Management Technology Trends to Know for 2019?

Exciting things are happening in the realm of facilities management technology trends. The standards, Facilities Managers use to oversee vast portfolios, is increasing, and to the modern Facility Manager can significantly accomplish more today than the predecessors of only a few years ago. According to Service Channel, the top facilities management technology trends will enable multi-disciplinary approaches to facilities management. Instead of trying to micromanage facilities, managers can finally let technology handle much of the burden. Facilities Managers need to be on the lookout for these new technologies and systems as 2019 approaches. 

1. Blockchain Will Become a Part of the Visibility Action Plan

The use of blockchain, which is a ledger technology used to track activities and actions within a system, is becoming a more important part of the facilities management technology trends’ equation. According to the Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM), noted by PRWeb, blockchain has the power to revolutionize contract management, work order processing, payment processing, tracking of facilities management and maintenance needs and increase overall facility transparency.

2. The Value of the Internet of Things Will Dominate Facilities Management Technology Trends

The Internet of Things is also improving the way. Facilities Managers obtain information about their departments and assets. Connected systems and the data they create offer significant new insights into operations and streamline the decision-making process.

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3. New Business Processes Will Enhance Planning and Budgeting

New ways of approaching and maintaining the facilities management budget will continue to be a defining factor in the facilities management technology trends to know for 2019. More Facilities Managers will turn to cloud-based services and data to make informed decisions regarding the planning and budgeting of facilities management needs.

4. Mobile Technology Will Free Facilities Managers From Their Desks

The rise of mobile technology will finally free Facilities Managers from their desks, giving Facilities Managers greater diversity in their work environments and the ability to oversee more locations from a single place.

5. Self-Handling Systems Will Streamline Work Order Management and Financial Matters

Self-handling systems will streamline some work order management and reduce the burden of maintaining financial records for facility management. Self-handling systems refer to software and programs that automatically route work orders to the appropriate party, scheduled field service vendor visit, generate invoices and much more.

6. Social Media Will Become an Extension of the Facility Manager

Since Facility Managers will have access to more resources to streamline their responsibilities, the role as an extension of customer service will naturally move into the realm of social media. Facility managers will need to connect with customers through social media to understand what their facilities are getting right and wrong. This will further refine the facility management program, especially as it relates to facility condition and maintenance.

Becoming Part of the Top Facilities Management Technology Trends Can Build Your Brand Value

Understanding the top facility management technology trends of 2019 will help your organization position itself to be a leader. This will have the added benefit of attracting more customers, ensuring existing customer-business relationships are maintained and reduce the costs associated with maintaining multi-site portfolios, and more. Put these trends into action by contacting QSI Facilities online or calling 1-888-328-2454.

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