Why Having a One-Stop Facilities Management Services Company Allows Facilities Managers to Stay Strategic

Facilities Managers have ample responsibilities. They oversee asset management, labor productivity, customer complaints, grounds upkeep, and much more. The plate of Facilities Managers is full, but they can streamline facilities management by collaborating with a facilities management services company, building strategic value in these top ways.

Facilities Management Services Company Brings Visibility Into Assets

Visibility is everything in facilities management, and facilities management services companies can bring renewed visibility into your facility assets. As an outside provider of services, facilities management services companies can review all existing company assets, without adding to existing facilities spend. Obviously, this does not consider subscription-based payment models or the cost of outsourced services directly. However, it does eliminate the need to use in-house labor resources to identify asset status, track such information, and create a plan of attack to ensure maximum life expectancy of assets.

Integrated Services Drive Savings

Integrated services through an outside entity can help drive savings in your organization. In the modern age, there are service providers for everything, but imagine the benefits of having all outsourced facilities management services housed under one roof. This reduces the number of contact points between the outside company and your company to the bare minimum, which is essential to allowing your employees and facilities management team to focus on actual facility needs and customer service. Furthermore, integrated services allow an outside company to streamline and combine services when appropriate to decrease costs to your enterprise.

Turnkey Solutions Include Emergency Services

An effective outsourced facilities management services company and strategy is supposed to be a turnkey solution, but Facilities Managers often overlook the value of providers offering emergency services as part of an integrated package. Due to the costs associated with an emergency response and recovery, some facilities management companies may not offer emergency services, but a quality partner will leave no stone unturned, ensuring your organization can continue to operate and succeed even after disaster or an emergency occurs.

Maintaining Facilities Management Strategy During New Construction or Renovation Is Key to Continuity

Quality outsourced solutions must be more than just a strategic partner in addressing your existing facility assets; they must consider new construction and renovation as well. This is essential to ensuring maximum control and adherence to your budget, as well as establishing preventative maintenance protocols and procedures in new facilities or renovations of existing facilities.

Scheduled Services Streamlined Facilities Management

Scheduled services as part of an outsourced facilities management services contract streamlined facilities management by eliminating uncertainty. Since services are scheduled, Facilities Managers can focus more on customer service and building brand value, not putting out the proverbial fires of facilities management. Moreover, scheduled services may allow for bundling of facilities management needs, which may come at a lower cost, resulting from fewer trips on the part of facility field service vendors and technicians, as well as decreased work in billing and processing payments for field service vendors.

Partner With a Facilities Management Services Company to Build Strategic Value

Strategy demands simplicity, and a one-stop facilities management company gives Facilities Managers an opportunity to get the most from their assets and reduce costs. Find out how your organization can stay strategic by visiting QSI Facilities online or calling 1 (877) 281-8177 now.

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