Why Corporate Real Estate Services Company Turn to Facilities Management Services Companies to Improve Tenant Experiences

The world of corporate real estate (CRE) is complex and faces uncertainty in the age of e-commerce. While some argue brick-and-mortar stores are dying, experts point to the increased interest of millennials as a redeeming quality, and CRE services companies must be ready to answer the call for more CRE space, competitive rates, and technology-based facilities. Facilities management services companies can help in these key ways.

Quality Facilities Management Services Enhance Work Environments

Corporate real estate services companies taking advantage of facilities management service companies can effectively enhance work environments, which reduces overhead for tenants, explains Mike Morris of Facility Executive. This is the result of decreased hiring expenses on the part of tenants, which should improve occupancy rates.

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A Welcoming Environment Attracts Customers

The same benefits of a corporate real estate and facilities management services partnership can attract customers to a given facility. The world of corporate real estate is evolving, and consumers are not shopping for products; they are shopping for an experience. Open-air facilities are rapidly becoming the new community gathering place, and open-air facilities are essential to CRE service providers seeking positive returns, says David Disney of Disney Investment Group.

Sustainable Practices Are Highly Sought After

CRE tenants want more than just a basic commercial space; they want spaces using sustainable practices. On the part of CRE providers, this translates into pre-M.Div. facilities retrofits, use of smart systems, and proactive means of maintaining facilities. In other words, the CRE-facilities management services partnership becomes even more important for attracting potential tenants.

Technology Infrastructure Lends Itself to Amenities That Improve Customer Experiences

Investment into a CRE space to improve facilities management services has the positive impact of creating the technology infrastructure necessary to improve customer experiences. For example, Wi-Fi availability can help consumers track purchases and engage in omnichannel shopping experiences, and the same point of access to the Wi-Fi router can be used to gather information from facility assets, provided they are connected via the Internet of things.

Better Use of Natural Light Increases Mental State

CRE providers have a personal stake in keeping their tenants happy, and the right facilities management strategy can do just that. Consider this example. A facilities management services provider can improve space utilization and facility layout, as well as existing lighting systems, to make better use of natural light resources. According to Healthline, exposure to natural light is essential to preventing feelings of depression, sadness or even loneliness. Therefore, more people tend to be sad or depressed during the low-light months of winter in the northern hemisphere. However, the partnership with a facilities management services company brings natural light into the equation, taking advantage of a completely free, renewable resource for ensuring occupant happiness.

Facilities Management Services Companies Have the Nationwide Footprint Necessary to Address CRE Tenant-Customer Relationships

Many CRE services providers are responsible for overseeing nationwide portfolios, so selecting local-regional facilities management services providers can still amount to hundreds, if not thousands, of potential vendor-CRE provider relationships. However, facilities management services companies with a nationwide footprint effectively eliminate this concern, managing vendor-CRE provider relationships and streamlining the entire process.

Partner With a Leading Facilities Management Services Company to Improve Experiences

A positive tenant experience builds brand value among CRE services companies, and it leads to positive customer experiences as well. Build your brand value by partnering with a facilities management services company, like QSI Facilities. Visit QSI Facilities online or call 1 (877) 281-8177 before your tenants abandon ship.

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