Why a Nationwide, Streamlined Facilities Management Rollout Is Key to ROI

Imagining how small improvements lead to big savings when deployed across your whole enterprise is key to maximizing Facilities Management rollout returns, says Amy Eagle of Health Facilities Management. A nationwide rollout can empower Facilities Managers with data-processing capabilities and more efficient use of field resources, but it can be daunting. Rather than succumbing to these fears, take a closer look at why a nationwide, streamlined Facilities Management rollout is key to increasing return on investment (ROI).

A Nationwide Facilities Management Rollout Maximizes and Multiples Small Savings

Take a moment to think about a task in Facilities Management that takes a small amount of time to complete.

Consider the number of times you perform the same task each day. Assume it takes one minute to perform the same task. If the task occurs 25 times per day, then that amounts to 25 minutes spent on a small task. Over the course of the week, that is 2.5 hours. Over one year, that is 100+ hours. Now, imagine how that same loss of time occurs across all employees and locations in your enterprise. If your company has 10 locations with 10 employees performing the same tasks per location, that’s a loss of 10,000 hours over the course of one year, or a cost equal to five, full-time annual workers.

Streamlined Operations Simplify Facilities Management Activities Across Multiple Locations

In Facilities Management, the above example can also apply to the time spent waiting on a Facilities Management system to load. If you can leverage the time spent waiting on a system to load or activity to finish across multiple locations, you can save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Amplify the example to a major time-consuming and costly process, like inspections. The difference could be as high as $1.48 per square foot in savings for inspections alone, explains Buildings.com, and your organization can drive costs down even further by streamlining inspections across all locations.

Centralized Facilities Management Improves Enterprisewide Accountability and Visibility

Eliminating inconsistencies between locations through a centralized Facilities Management provider increases accountability and visibility. Since vendor information, work orders, Facilities Management activities, and analytics are housed in a centralized platform, Facilities Managers can manage additional locations remotely and leverage data to make informed decisions. This enables faster deployment of Facilities Management solutions.

National Rollout Opens the Door to Additional Vendors

Individual locations may be accustomed to working with specific field service vendors, but nationwide rollouts give facility managers access to additional vendors, which may offer lower rates than those previously used. Some vendors may also require Facilities Managers to use their services for a minimum period, and a nationwide rollout can overcome these obstacles. This reduces costs across the enterprise and simplifies the process of vendor management.

Secure the Benefits of a National, Streamlined Facilities Management Rollout

A nationwide, streamlined Facilities Management rollout increases cost savings and efficiency, asserts Sean Devaney of Facility Executive. It reduces the headache Facilities Managers may associate with a nationwide rollout and provides peace of mind to everyone in the company, including shareholders and everyday employees. Avoid the costs and delays of a bit-by-bit rollout by choosing a nationwide Facilities Management rollout, and partner with an experienced solutions manager of nationwide rollouts, like QSI Facilities. Find out more about how your organization can benefit from a nationwide, streamlined Facilities Management rollout by visiting QSI facilities online.

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