5 Steps to Choosing the Right Facilities Management Provider

Depending on the scale and sector of your organization, choosing the right Facilities Management provider can mean reviewing thousands of potential vendors, considering location problems and much more. The process can be downright tiring, and if you are ill-equipped to handle the task, your Facilities Management team could be spending more money than it saves. To choose the right Facilities Management provider the first time, follow these five steps.

1. Create a Facilities Management Provider Project Team

Selecting the right Facilities Management provider begins with getting shareholder support for outsourced solutions. Stakeholders will entrust you to find the right provider, but to achieve that feat, you must create a Facilities Management provider project team, explains John K. Powell, J.D., P.E. of Facility Executive. This is similar to creating a change management team or “Core Team.” The team should be comprised of individuals from varying levels in your Facilities Management department and have experience in business leadership.

2. Evaluate Business Needs

The Facilities Management provider project team will also need to evaluate business needs. This includes addressing the work maintenance backlog, review of existing facility management processes and systems, and identifying weaknesses and opportunities in your business, a key characteristic of six Sigma principles in Facilities Management. Using this list, team members will begin reviewing potential solution vendors for services and features that meet, if not exceed, business needs.

3. Develop a Short List, and Take Advantage of Free Resources

Narrow the list of solutions providers until reaching around five potential providers. This is the perfect time to request demonstrations or take advantage of free trials, if available. These resources help your organization consider the user-friendliness of a system, as well as its key features and benefits to your business.

4. Review Facilities Management Provider Training Programs and Previous Client History

The best Facilities Management solutions providers on the planet are only as good as their team members, which includes field service technicians and vendors. Review the training and continuing education requirements of field service vendors under your chosen providers, and reach out to past clients of the provider for information about the company. This helps to generate an unbiased review of the provider’s overall reputation.

5. Re-Evaluate Facilities Management Provider Performance at Key Intervals

It is not unusual to be uncertain about what to expect from your Facilities Management provider after implementation. Track and measure the performance of your provider-business relationship, as well as asset performance, and re-evaluate the provider’s performance at key intervals, such as six weeks, 12 weeks and 16 weeks after implementation. Follow up with additional re-evaluation at six months and one year.

Use These Steps to Find the Right Facilities Management Provider for Your Organization

Finding the right Facilities Management provider for your organization can be hard, but it does not have to be. By knowing what steps to take and planning for success, your organization can reduce the costs associated with collaborating with a Facilities Management provider and increase profitability through cost savings in your Facilities Management programs. Find out more by visiting QSI Facilities online today.

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