Facilities Management Efficiency: When Facilities Management Works With IT...Cost Reduction Happens

The complexity of facilities management has grown exponentially. Commercial buildings are more complex than ever, and budgets for facilities management are shrinking. As a Facilities Manager, it can be difficult to handle the fast changes in the field. But facilities management that works in tandem with the information technology (IT) department can achieve lasting, cost-saving results, asserts FacilitiesNet.

The Costs to Facilities Management Efficiency Derive From Poor Communication With IT

Facilities management is filled with technology, and the use of Big Data, the Internet of Things, and analytics increase the level of sophistication within standard facilities management. HVAC systems are connected to the Internet, and unit-specific information is readily accessible. Unfortunately, poor communication between the IT department and Facilities Managers may lead to poor system configuration, lost opportunities, and additional problems with using new technology in facilities management.

Facilities Management Is Becoming More Reliant on IT

Although modern facilities management’s technology is more complicated than simply being reliant on the Internet, it is also more flexible, allowing Facilities Managers to do more with less, which ultimately simplifies the level of involvement of the IT department. When IT and facilities management work together, capital can be allocated properly. In other words, spending on facilities management infrastructure decreases while return on investment increases. Therefore, disruptions to operations decrease, increasing brand value and streamlining processes. Of course, the IT budgets of companies are shrinking in tandem, and your company may not have the IT resources required to handle a wide-scale migration to a new facilities management system. Therefore, more companies are choosing to outsource the IT side of facilities management.

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For example, companies that outsource maintenance management and use third-party computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) can effectively lower facilities management costs and ensure collaboration between IT and facilities management, keeping all costs in both departments under control.

Best Practices to Streamline IT-FM Communication and Cut Costs

Facilities Managers have experience in working with facilities management. That much is obvious, but learning how to interact with IT to derive greater savings is not. Facilities Managers looking to embrace this new relationship should follow these best practices.

  1. Avoid ambiguity in conversations by communicating in practical terms, eliminating the use of jargon and making sure everyone understands their role in keeping costs in check.
  2. Communicating all activities with stakeholders and members of upper-level management.
  3. Exploring new possibilities within both departments, building rapport between facilities management team members and the IT department.
  4. Migrating existing systems from terminal-based platforms to a software-as-a-service platform, using cloud-computing technologies.
  5. Cross-training members of the IT department to work with facilities management, which will further safeguard a company in the uncertain future of IT, says Service Channel.
  6. Continuing upgrades of existing systems to take advantage of new Internet-connected systems and devices.

Incorporate IT Staff With Your Facilities Management Team to Unlock Savings Now

Facilities management efficiency rests on the complementary actions of software, your IT department, and your staff. Instead of treating IT and facilities management as independent departments, unlock their potential by encouraging a partnership between IT and FM tech. The savings could easily rewrite standard best practices in business. Find out how your organization can reap the benefits of facilities management working with IT to improve facilities management efficiency. Visit QSI Facilities online, or give us a call at 1-888-328-2454 today.

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