Why Facilities Management Is Now Hyper-Focused on Customer Experience

Facilities management is changing. Once, facilities management was focused on appeasing stakeholders and ensuring the positive image of the company. However, modern facilities management is now becoming hyper-focused on customer experience. While this does improve brand value and the company’s image, focusing on the client's experience is also key to ensuring repeat purchases and growing a business. In the digital age, the importance of the customer experience is vital to success, and facilities managers need to understand why they must focus on customer experiences above all else.

1. “Small Things” Can Destroy Your Reputation and Brand

The small things in facilities management can make a difference. An unkempt lawn and chipped paint may not seem like big deals, but they can leave customers with a negative opinion about your business. Think about it: no customer wants to walk into their favorite restaurant to find paint or wood shavings next to the salad bar.

2. Customers Expect Digital, Sustainable Practices in Businesses

Customers expect sustainable practices from their favorite retailers, restaurants, and companies. Sustainability is the new kid on the block in facilities management too, and customers want to see sustainability in action. Customers want to know that they are giving their money to companies using sustainable, socially responsible practices in their operations. In response, more facilities management operatives are turning to Internet-enabled devices to make sustainability measures easier to track and manage and more cost-effective to implement.

3. Customers Want an Experience, Not Just a Product

The days of just wanting to buy a product or service are over. Customers want to a total experience in any interaction with businesses, not just a product. If the experience is lacking, it will be shared on social media, and it will have an adverse impact on your brand. Additionally, a customer choosing to share a positive experience on social media acts as a form of free advertising through word-of-mouth marketing, and this is always a good message for businesses.

4. It Reduces the “Hassle and Waits” for Service

Customers also expect businesses to go out of their way to recognize their presence and decision to work with a given business. In restaurants, customers are using apps and other forms of technology to reduce the hassle and wait for service. Businesses want to increase customer service by providing initial contact through customers’ smart devices. This will reduce overall costs and encourage repeat purchases or use of your company’s services as well.

5. Location-Specific Notifications and Fault Messages Prevent Negative Customer Experiences

Location-specific notifications and alerts enable proactive managing of negative aspects of facilities management. Unfortunately, things break down, and automated alerts and location-specific notifications can focus on issues that will have a direct impact on customer experiences, right now. Small problems, like inadequate lighting or poor décor, can drive the brand value down, but automating the process can subsequently eliminate customer complaints.

Customer-Focused Facilities Management Boosts Brand Value

Facilities management must evolve to stay successful, and while the largest corporations turn to automation and technology to increase value and cost-efficiency, customer-focused facilities management processes will also drive brand value. In fact, the costs associated with implementing customer-focused technologies and systems are decreasing, so why would your brand and business give customers anything less than the best? It is time to apply customer-focused facilities management processes now.

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