Exterior Facilities Maintenance: Best Practices and Trends for 2019

Exterior maintenance and groundskeeping groups upkeep can appear minor, but they play a huge role in the decision of consumers to visit your business. Since every transaction and interaction hinges on the experience, the first thing consumers see—your building’s exterior—must be perfect. Cracks, dying landscapes and trash detract from the planned experience and will lead more consumers to change their plans. Instead of risking sales because of poor exterior facilities maintenance, Facilities Managers should know and follow these top trends and best practices for keeping the outside in tip-top shape.

1.      Forecasts for 2019 Call for More Precipitation Throughout the Year, Resulting in Exterior Wear and Tear

A deciding factor in trends for exterior facilities maintenance in 2000 and team will be El Niño. This is an El Niño year, and while temperatures are expected to be warmer than average across much of the Western United States, the eastern states could see dramatically higher rates of precipitation, notes, USA Today. Meanwhile, the southern states are expecting up to 40 percent greater likelihood that conditions will be what are the normal, and paired with subzero temperatures, this amounts to dramatic damage from ice and rain.

2.      Consumers Want Expect Clean, Crisp and Inviting Grounds

The ground that the first thing consumers see when visiting facility, and they are expectation for superior experiences will continue to begin with the exterior of your building. Facility Managers will need to invest more time and attention to detail in making decisions affecting exterior maintenance.

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3.      Outsourcing Is Integral to On-Demand Exterior Services, Especially Winter Services

Obviously, increased likelihood of snow and ice will place an added burden on snow and ice remediation service providers, so more companies will outsource on-demand exterior services throughout the rest of winter.

4.      Green Is “In”

The use of environmentally conscious, green initiatives and exterior maintenance will continue throughout 2018. Consumers will be looking for companies that have implemented sustainable practices, such as using pesticide-free supplies and making sustainable landscaping decisions.

5.      Use of UAVs to Inspect Properties Will Increase

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as drones, will be used more often throughout 2019 to help Facilities Managers inspect properties, this will be essential for facilities with a large grounds area, such as schools.

6.      Resilience Will Lead HVAC System Design

According to FacilitiesNet, 2019 will be a year in which more companies look to build a sustainability into their building from the ground up with a design that offers resilience to the HVAC system. In other words, the building design will reduce heat loss or heat gain and offer better use of natural lighting resources. Therefore, exterior facility service providers will need to ensure all walls, windows and roofs have been maintained properly.

7.      Lighting Controls Will Continue to Be Automated

The use of automated lighting controls will continue throughout 2019. While this may seem like an interior concern, sensors may be located outside. Thus, they will fall under both interior and exterior maintenance.

8.      Companies Seeking to Attract New Talent and Consumers Will Create More “Outdoor Work Environments”

More companies will also create outdoor work environments to attract new talent. This extends beyond the talent gap in facilities management to include virtually any type of employee. In so doing, companies will need to enhance exterior maintenance and management.

Implement These Best Practices to Enhance Exterior Facilities Maintenance

The exterior facilities maintenance plan is essential to enhancing curb appeal and saving money. Since the exterior is outdoors by definition, it is at the greatest risk for premature damage. Follow these trends, and make decisions that align with them. Enact an exterior facilities maintenance success plan by partnering with QSI Facilities. Learn more by sending your query online or calling 1-888-328-2454 today.

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