Construction Facility Management: 3 Things Facility Managers Should Look for in New Construction Projects

When planning new construction projects, the Facility Manager will be responsible for handling the creation of service level agreements, verifying work performed is of high-quality and validating all field service technician and contractor invoices. Unfortunately, construction facility management is one of the most stressful and disruptive events. A Facility Manager can oversee, so it is important to know what to look for a new construction project in terms of challenges and ensuring the successful completion of such projects.

Challenges of Construction Facility Management

One of the major challenges in construction facility management derives from poor planning and miscommunication. During construction, planned construction may not always amount to finished construction. In other words, design changes may be necessary, notes William Smith of FacilitiesNet.

For example, weekly coordination meetings to review the rise of unexpected issues can help Facilities Managers work in tandem with the design team to streamline construction. Facilities Managers are not necessarily construction experts, so collaboration between all parties is essential to success. There are significant challenges in construction facility management, including scheduling, material selection, and much more.

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Three Essential Factors in Construction Facility Management

Facilities Managers should also focus on three key areas in making decisions regarding construction facility management, which according to Fasttac, include:

  • Inspections – inspections are necessary to ensure structural integrity and compliance with international building codes. This will require the verification of inspection of work, and the selection of an agency for making such inspections.
  • Warranties – Another factor to consider in construction facility management is warranties. During construction, new assets may be purchased that can easily cost into the thousands. This is why it is essential to verify warranties before installation. If a warranty is unacceptable, the asset may need to be returned or replaced with another comparable model that has an acceptable warranty prior to installation.
  • Unused Materials and Stock for Reopening – A final consideration in construction facility management revolves around cleanup and restocking of supplies. This refers to the extra supplies and materials left over from the construction. Unused materials may be resold to recoup some costs, or they may require additional measures to dispose of properly. This is true of potentially hazardous chemicals that may require additional measures to be taken place prior to their disposal, such as the treatment of possibly corrosive chemicals before leaving the job site.

Tips to Enhance Construction Facility Management

Since construction facility management can be an increasingly complex task, Facility Managers can streamline it by following these key steps:

  1. Look Beyond the Planned Construction.
  2. Recognize the Causes of Problems.
  3. Submit RFPs to Vendors.
  4. Vet Vendors.
  5. Create Appropriate, Thorough SLAs.
  6. Develop a Schedule to Minimize Disruption to Customers.
  7. Use Technology to Track Progress and Manage the Budget.
  8. Hold Field Service Technicians Accountable.
  9. Complete Payment to Vendors.
  10. Partner With a Trusted Nationwide Construction Facility Management

Get a Handle Over Construction Facility Management With a Trusted, Nationwide Partner

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