Commercial Snow Removal: Preventing More Than Just Falls and Slips

When it comes to protecting your facility assets and the safety of your guests, few issues can be more dangerous than snow and ice buildup. In the winter, a sudden storm can bring inches and inches of snowfall and undermine any safety measures your organization has put into place. However, commercial snow removal services can be a great help in reducing disruptions and preventing much more than just slips and falls.

Snow and Ice Seem Like a Falls-Only Risk

Part of the problem with winter weather is the misconception that slips and falls are the only risks from winter weather. In reality, snow and ice can lead to severe damage to your facility assets, including the sidewalk, landscape accents, and the parking lot. Facilities Managers should view commercial snow removal as another way to manage facilities spend.

Commercial Snow Removal Reduces Winter Weather Risks

Commercial snow removal is a service that effectively reduces most risks during winter weather. Other risks, like frozen pipes and citywide traffic delays, are still present, but reducing the impact of snow and ice on your customers on your properties can minimize disruptions.

For companies with overnight or evening employees, commercial snow removal services provide an added layer of protection for your employees, ensuring walkways remain clear during important, overnight stocking hours and help prevent accidents in your parking lots too.

Since commercial snow removal requires a host of activities, including the application of salt and sand, removal of snow on the grounds and roof, and treating of sidewalks, Facilities Managers may not have the internal labor resources available to meet snow removal demand. As a result, more companies opt to outsource the process

Commercial Snow Remediation Best Practices

A plan for commercial snow removal should follow these best practices:

  • Identify facility-specific needs, like sidewalks in need of treatment, plowing for parking areas, mats for guests to wipe their feet, and more.
  • Detail when application of treatment substances should occur, specifying the exact forecasting or known snowfall totals that warrant activation of the snow response plan.
  • Contact information for requesting unscheduled services, provided the subcontractor is unable to pre-treat areas.
  • How to address any potential injuries or incidents that occur resulting from winter weather.
  • Check all nonslip surfaces for adhesion and integrity at the start of fall.

Put the Power of Commercial Snow Removal to Work for Your Company

snow removal

Commercial snow removal is an integral step in preventing losses and damage during winter weather. The right plan for commercial snow removal will minimize disruptions and add value to your property. Comprehensive facilities exterior maintenance will also extend the life expectancy of your outdoor assets, ranging from parking lots to rooftops. Instead of waiting until a storm strikes to act on winter weather remediation, consider kickstarting the process by visiting QSI Facilities online today.

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