Commercial Pressure Washing Services: Why You Should Pressure Wash Your Commercial Parking Lot

Commercial parking lots are one of the key areas that benefit from commercial pressure washing services. Although the parking lot is subject to ongoing damage and use, Facilities Managers must not overlook it for several reasons.

The Parking Lot Is Always Getting Dirty

The parking lot will be the recipient of squealing tires, the onslaught of rainfall, sandstorms, depending on the area, and even sick guests. Even the most well-maintained lots will inherently be subject to trash, gum, dumped drinks, and other debris. As a result, Facilities Managers may assume the parking lot's condition will always be dirty. However, that is not necessarily the case.

Commercial Pressure Washing Services Improve Parking Lot Conditions

A clean parking lot has an extended life expectancy. Parking lots break down due to salt, oils, common chemicals, and everyday use. However, these problems are the result of a dirty parking lot. Thus, commercial pressure washing services can effectively reduce the amount of damage done to your parking lot, extending its life expectancy.

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Things to Look for When Hiring Commercial Pressure Washing Services:

Commercial pressure washing service providers can help improve the parking lot condition and prevent costly repairs. Unfortunately, the best way to identify top-quality service providers is not always clear. Facilities Managers should follow these tips when selecting contractors for commercial pressure washing services.

  • Check for proper documentation. Never work with a contractor or subcontractor that cannot prove its ability to maintain financial responsibility and adherence with applicable statutes for performing professional services. In other words, choose licensed and bonded contractors, as well as those that have business liability insurance.
  • Discuss scheduling issues. Subcontractors should have a general idea of how often your facility’s exterior will need to be washed and when they could complete the job. The worst problem is hiring a provider that does not have the time available to clean your parking lot properly.
  • Consider weekend scheduling. Pressure washers can easily damage vehicles, and it almost impossible to properly clean a parking lot filled with cars. Look for providers that can wash your lot after hours.
  • Companies with a plan for managing wastewater and runoff. The best contractor will work to minimize waste and runoff, as well as use OSHA-compliant business practices and environmentally safe detergents.

Take Advantage of Commercial Pressure Washing Services Now

The parking lot is the first impression your company makes when customers exit their vehicles, so your parking needs to be in tip-top shape. Increase the longevity and integrity of your parking lot with commercial pressure washing services. Contact QSI Facilities at 1-888-328-2454 or by filling out the online contact form to learn more.

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