Utilizing Commercial Exterior Maintenance Services to Improve Customer First Impressions

First impressions can transform a potential visitor into a customer, or they can turn the best prospects into life-long shoppers of your competitors. This highlights the importance of best-in-class appearances and superb commercial exterior maintenance. Fortunately, Facilities Managers that take the time to think about the value of commercial exterior maintenance can successfully attract more customers and enhance brand image through customer first impressions.

Facilities Managers Fail to Realize the Impact of Exterior Condition on Customer Experiences

The exterior of a facility makes a significant impact on the guest experience, but the surface is often overlooked in favor of maintaining indoor guest areas. However, the exterior makes the first impression, and poor exteriors will only serve to drive customers away. This is in addition to attracting a higher crime rate and diminishing brand value. However, a quality exterior maintenance program can make all the difference.

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Quality Exteriors Contribute to Better Guest Experiences

Quality exterior maintenance programs consider all possible issues affecting guest experiences and facility integrity. The grounds should be kept up with the same dedication as indoor maintenance. The right exterior maintenance program will successfully mitigate risks and enhance the value of your brand. Moreover, quality exteriors ensure guests can focus on what really matters, purchasing your products or services, not noticing the cracks and massive oil spills on the surface of your parking lots.

How to Ensure Your Building Makes a “GREAT” First Impression

Some of the leading ways to improve commercial exterior maintenance, reports Brady Signs, include:

  • Ensure your signage is clearly visible and easy to read.
  • Maintain outdoor lighting systems.
  • Keep the building exterior free of paint chips, and touch up faded paint as necessary.
  • Consider automating lighting and irrigation systems with smart technologies.
  • Power wash all hard, outdoor surfaces, including benches, walkways, parking lots, windows, and the actual side of the building.
  • Keep the vegetation under control, including preventing bare patches and treating weeds proactively.
  • Have a plan for preventing issues during poor weather, including slip-resistant ramps and walkways, as well as snow removal and ice remediation.

Leverage the Power of Top-Quality Exterior Maintenance Now

Commercial exterior maintenance can include as many maintenance tasks, if not more, than indoor maintenance. In addition, outdoor workers are subject to the harsh conditions of Mother Nature, and it may not be possible to maintain both indoor and outdoor facilities with limited staff members. Thus, Facilities Managers can augment their workforce by outsourcing commercial exterior maintenance. Learn more about how your organization can benefit from outsourced, dedicated commercial exterior maintenance by visiting QSI Facilities online now.

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