Using Cloud-Based Facility Management Technology to Save Your Facility Money

Cloud-based facility management technology and systems are among the hottest topics in modern facility management. The cloud has the potential to bring disparate facility systems together and end uncertainty when making key decisions that affect the future and profitability of an enterprise. Cloud-based technologies can help your company save money in the following key ways.

Cloud-Based Facility Management Technology Enables Better Security

Cloud-based facility management technology enables facility managers to remotely access the system at any time, and through sensors, the system can notify facility managers of unusual or unauthorized entries to facility grounds, buildings or software platforms.

Cloud-Based Technologies Have Fewer Startup Costs and Problems During Implementation

Unlike an on-site solution, cloud-based technologies are built with keeping costs down in mind. Instead of paying upfront costs to purchase, install, and integrate software with your existing systems, cloud-based technologies can integrate with systems automatically and tend to have fewer startup costs, says Steven Rawlins of Buildings Buzz.

Today’s Level of Automation Needs Cloud-Based Technologies

Modern facilities management technology is increasingly automated, but automation is not as simple as it sounds. Automated systems rely on a continuous flow of information from governing systems, such as the facilities management platform, and as a result, cloud-based facility management technology is integral to the successful operation and application of automated technologies. This includes wireless and wired sensors, facility controls and dashboards, and all connected assets that function on a schedule or an intuitive algorithm.

For example, lighting systems that learn to adapt to the user profiles must continually update the profile via the cloud.

It is Scalable, Essential to Multi-Site Facilities Management

Cloud-based facility management technology is inherently scalable. Since information and software platforms are stored within the cloud, terminal-specific upgrades and changes to on-site facilities can automatically sync from the latest information from the cloud-based server. This results in less work for your internal information technology (IT) department and ensures your facility management program can expand as your business grows.

Cloud-Based Systems Ensure Data Integrity and Recoverability

Data integrity and quality is only as good as the attention to detail in its backup systems. If information is lost from a single storage source, everything that went into its collection, analysis, and use will be lost. However, backup systems, powered by cloud-based facility management technologies, explains Service Channel, can ensure data survives all weaknesses, risks, and threats. This enables facility managers to continue taking advantage of available opportunities when data supports such opportunities.

Start Saving Money in Your Facility by Implementing Cloud-Based Technology Today

The benefits of cloud-based facility management technology are clear, and cloud-based systems will continue to level the playing field in facility management, reduce overhead, optimize facilities management processes, and simplify your daily operations. For help in using or implementing cloud-based facility management technology, contact QSI Facilities now.

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