Immediate ROI Realized From a Bundled Handyman Program

Using a Bundled Handyman Program Results in an Immediate ROI From Its Key Benefits.

Maintenance costs are a significant portion of facilities management, explains the National Restaurant Association. Although some facilities managers opt to manage maintenance internally, this can be expensive and dangerous. According to FSR magazine, facilities managers implementing managed maintenance programs, such as bundled handyman programs, spend about 50-percent less on maintenance per year. In fact, the immediate return on investment (ROI) from implementing a bundled handyman program derives from these eight benefits.

1. Bundled Handyman Programs Provide Regular Attention to the Maintenance Backlog

Deferred maintenance is a major risk for businesses as things are waiting to get done. This can lead to costs 30-times higher than the original repair, reports Naomi Millán of FacilitiesNet. A bundled handyman program gives facilities managers an opportunity to conveniently address all lagging maintenance issues by putting someone else in charge of the process, saving money and avoiding the headache of managing repairs in-house.

2. Bundled Programs Create a Checklist for Non-Emergency Work

An effective bundled handyman program should include a checklist designed for the unique needs of a given facility. Obviously, emergency work will not fall under this checklist, but the checklist does provide a means of reviewing all existing systems for work or general maintenance that does not constitute an emergency, like repainting or repairing light fixtures. However, checklists also help in the creation of an effective maintenance schedule too.

3. It Promotes On-Time Maintenance Scheduling

Maintenance scheduling is key to catching problems in the normal course of operations, especially in a restaurant. According to Scott Coomes of the Nation’s Restaurant News, preventative maintenance can effectively increase the longevity of equipment tenfold, and since the maintenance is already planned, managers do not have to call in a work order or pay for an on-demand call, which further compounds savings.

4. Bundled Handyman Programs Boost Brand Perception and Recognition

Consumer perception of a company is among the most scrutinized parts of today’s businesses. If a consumer sees anything out of place or in need of maintenance, it will probably be on social media before they leave. The little things make a major difference. If the bathroom seems a bit unkempt and unsightly, consumers may not come back, resulting in lost revenue and damage to the brand.

Also, consumers come to a business because the business has something they want. They want to eat or purchase other goods, but they do not want to deal with “maintenance issues,” like bathrooms being “out of order” or chipping paint when opening the door. A handyman program cuts this risk by getting to issues on time and reducing the disruptions caused by maintenance. Also, scheduled maintenance means fewer trips and lower costs in making repairs. The business must be consumer-centric and give customers a place they want to come back to, not a place they felt “so-so” about.

5. They Boost Efficiency Through Prioritization

Preventative maintenance and scheduling also contribute to the creation of a prioritization schedule for repairs. In other words, profit-impacting issues can be addressed first, using past data to identify what maintenance problems have the greatest impact on overall profitability. Working with an external company to handle maintenance needs also increases a company’s ability to assess its existing maintenance needs.

6. Bundled Handyman Programs Track Performance to Prove Value

Comparing data from across the industry is an excellent way to prove the value of using a bundled handyman program. While this may not appear to be an immediate ROI, it does break down some of the barriers stakeholders or executive-level leaders may have to continuing the use of an outsourced program, to predict a greater long-term ROI.

7. More Responsive Customer Service Calls and Managed Repairs Enhances the Program’s Checklist

Bundled programs ensure transparency and accountability, preventing billing problems and delays when repairs are necessary. Furthermore, managers have plenty of other responsibilities, not fixing things that break or seem to be on the verge of failure.

By handling all maintenance needs in one trip, bundled programs reduce the burden on managers in addressing problems and repairs. Thus, location managers see an increased ROI in routine duties as they focus on higher-priority issues, like serving customers and managing employees. Plus, having a plan in place for routine repairs eliminates the disruptions caused when a small problem can no longer go unnoticed. Think about it; no one wants to sit and enjoy a meal next to a bucket of paint.

8. Bundling Eliminates Liabilities, Insurance Premium Costs and Risks

Everyone knows that one manager who can fix it all. That manager has climbed ladders to replace light bulbs, cleared obstructed vents and spent countless hours trying to fix the leaking toilet. Although handling these problems in-house sounds like a great idea, it is dangerous. What happens if the manager falls from the ladder? The company costs for a workplace injury could be much more than the costs of a bundled handyman program, not to mention the sudden hike in liability premiums.

Fortunately, outsourcing maintenance through a bundled handyman program places the need for liability protection on the external company and keeps a company’s employees out of harm’s way. Managers are hired to manage the facility, not be an impromptu maintenance person. By keeping managers and staff from stepping up that ladder and putting themselves at risk, bundled maintenance programs can actually save money, promoting a stronger, faster ROI.  

Unlock Your Company’s Maintenance Savings Today

Companies considering expanding to new locations or struggling to keep up with existing maintenance needs should consider the benefits of a bundled handyman program and their ROI.

As explained by Andrew Gager of FacilitiesNet, the lowest costs of maintenance may not necessarily mean the lowest price today, but the long-term costs of forgoing maintenance will be even greater. Through investing in scheduled, bundled maintenance today, your company will cut overhead maintenance expenses down the line. To find out more about how a bundled handyman program can help your business thrive, contact QSI Facilities today.

Now, put that ladder back in the storage closet.

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