Evaluating Asset and Facility Management During the Cooler Months

As yet another winter storm crosses the U.S., Facilities Managers must act immediately to protect their assets from damage. In asset and facility management, Facilities Managers should perform a thorough evaluation of asset condition and existing facility management practices in preparation for the encroaching cold weather.

1. Collect Data on Critical Equipment and Potential Asset Failures

The first step to evaluating asset and facility management is simple; Facility Managers should collect data on critical equipment, such as HVAC systems and gas lines, and identify potential asset failures. This is imperative to ensuring the safety of building occupants as the cooler months take hold.

3. Check Assets for Warranty Compliance

Asset performance requires careful attention to factors that affect warranty guarantees. If assets are not properly maintained, warranties may be voided, and replacement costs may soar. Facility managers should review assets for warranty compliance, including winterization of susceptible equipment.

3. Create a Repair Versus Replace Analysis

Defining when to repair and when to replace assets, based on performance and expected longevity, is another factor in evaluating asset and facility management during the cooler months. The compendium of this information is known as an asset management playbook. Creating an asset management playbook is key to reducing costs associated with field service vendors, especially during emergency or urgent situations.

4. Diversify the Sourcing Strategy

Periods of freezing weather and winter storms can have a serious impact on your facility’s ability to obtain supplies, including utilities. A facility should have a backup plan in place by diversifying sourcing strategies. While some supplies, such as gas and electricity, may only have one source, the utility company, Facility Managers can prepare by checking power generators and reducing reliance on energy resources.

5. Perform Preventative and Predictive Maintenance Needs

Facility managers should take steps to perform all proper preventative and predictive maintenance one week in advance of scheduled times. Tackling scheduled maintenance issues early helps reduce risk associated with delays caused by weather-related events.

6. Expect Higher-Than-Usual Run Time of Facility Assets

The cooler months will result in greater use of your facility assets, especially those seasonal in nature. This includes heating equipment, furnaces, and indoor humidifiers. Failure to maintain these assets could result in the spread of illness and disgruntled feelings among your customer base, tarnishing your brand.

Plan for Asset and Facility Management Success With Comprehensive Evaluations Now

The secret to success throughout the cooler months lies in evaluating asset and facility management practices before something goes wrong. Evaluate your facilities asset performance and facilities management practices, and partner with QSI facilities to streamline the process. Learn more about ways to evaluate assets today by visiting QSI Facilities online or calling 1 (877) 286-4605 now.

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